Monday, September 17, 2012

It Was a 'Spontaneous Gathering?'

Have you even seen the film that is supposedly causing the ongoing evil that is happening in the Middle East? The movie that Obama officials have called reprehensible? Reprehensible? Maybe Ridiculous. Or preposterous. Asinine even. But, reprehensible? The riots are reprehensible. The Killings certainly reprehensible...but the movie?

The movie, Innocense of Muslims, is like the worst and most poorly produced Saturday Night Live skit gone bad. I can't even begin the fathom the smooth brained individual that would be offended by this low budget offering.

A pro-Obama Democrat (other than Lefty Jones) had one of the best articles about this I've read:

President Obama, stop blaming the victim for Mideast violence By Kirsten Powers

I am beyond disgusted that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has taken the supposed film maker into custody. What if my 13 year old and his dopey friends make a movie in our basement mocking Mohammad and post it to YouTube? Could he be carted away? Could I? Did I take some Ambien and leave America in a stupor....?

And all the while, the Administration keeps beating the 'it was a spontaneous gathering' drum.

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