Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest Post by Lefty Jones

Why we should be marching in the streets and burning Arabic Flags.....

I don’t care about your god. I don’t care if you don’t have a god. I don’t care if you aren’t sure if there might be a god. But I’ll make a movie about any damn one of those scenarios if I like…even if you find it offensive…and I’ll expect other Americans to stand up for my right to do so.

If you live in a country that does not have a separation of church and state, or mosque and state or temple and state…I’m sorry for you. Go ahead and march around and scream and burn flags all you like……but if you think you are going to overrun our embassies and kill our ambassadors…you need to know with assurance that you will be helped to go and help you MEET your god immediately.

And if the host countries governments will not provide the protection they are legally and morally obligated to provide…....then I believe we are obligated to remind them how important security issues are by Tomahawking the military outpost of our choice.

These recent events highlight why I don’t believe in including “god” in a party platform, in our pledge of allegiance or in any government sponsored format. Keep god and government separate.

When we don’t, the immediate question of “which” God?....becomes part of the equation. And while I’m frankly much more comfortable with the “Buddy Jesus” god that is currently in fashion than I am with the warmongering gods of the Old Testament and the Koran, I don’t want there to be any mistaking that we are a secular nation the allows free speech and defends our right to have it both inside and outside of our borders.

I think as a nation we need to be very forceful on this “separation” issue. I very frankly don’t buy into almost any religion being able to claim they “are a religion of peace” but I want our diplomatic stance to be crystal fucking clear so that it goes something like this:

  • Oh, there is a movie that you claim denigrates Allah? Yeah…welcome to the club. There are limitless movies in America that mock Jesus and about any other religious figure you can think of. But the American government didn’t make the movie… .and we have free speech…sometimes that’s painful…maybe you could just not watch it.
  • Oh….but you say you’re an Islamic State that is bound to defend Allah and Mohammed??? Yeah, well we’re a secular state bound to defend our citizens, our embassies, our ambassadors and our interests….and we will. So go tell your cute, little crowd of flag burners to take a step back from the embassy gate unless they are planning on going home to Allah today.
  • The first person to so much as begin scaling that wall….napalm.
  • Apply liberally to people who react the same.

Ok…maybe there’s a better option than napalm….but I want to make sure it hurts really bad…and that everyone getting ready to climb that wall behind them sees just how bad it hurts to try to impose your God on America.

I think most of the people who read this site are totally nitwits…some of you I like a little…most of you I don’t. But I love that you have the right to say what you want and I truly believe we have to fight together on that front.

This fear around the globe of what will happen if you say something about Allah, Mohammed or Islam leaves me stunned and angry. They know they have the West scared…and it has to stop. A multi city American showing of throngs of people holding signs up saying EXACTLY what we think of their religion, their beliefs and their prophet may no longer be what we should have done….it may now be our obligation. Showing we’re not afraid…and that no one here or there will stop us from saying what we think any damn time we want about any damn thing we want.


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