Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama's Demon Fighting Monkey God

Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs has been without Glenn Beck on the radio for almost a year and a half. It came at a good time, as he was starting to freak me out and I was actively suppressing the urge to stockpile...

Our Conservative talk radio station was bought by the MSM and Beck & Hannity promptly let go for "local talent." They kept Rush because money still trumps ideology.

Now a new station has come to Philly. Rush jumped the 1210 ship and came over and they brought Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity back into town. They also added "Great One" Mark Levin --which is awesome as we've never had him here in Philly.

And, the new station is FM...take that Big Talker.

IQ 106.9: Fighting for freedom from the Fortress of Free Speech

So, the other day I was driving the middle child to goalie camp and listening to Beck for the first time in a long time...and literally laughing out loud (it reminded my of the days when Stern was in his prime...)

Glenn was talking about a passage in Obama's book in which he describes his introduction to Hanuman the undefeated, Demon fighting, monkey god. Oh, good, it's on YouTube already:

Thanks, I think I'll cling to my religion and he can keep his 10 story Monkey with the strength of 10 men...

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