Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Special Interests

The Man is no longer a small business owner. Neither The Man or I work for the government (state or federal). We're straight. We're not military. We're not poor and/or using any entitlement programs. We're not rich with off shore accounts or stocks and bonds. We're not employed by big corporations. We don't run a non-profit. We have disability-free children (thus far). We don't own a bunch of real estate. The public school our children attend is a top notch, blue ribbon school.

As far as I can surmise, we have no special interests that are dictated by our employment, family, geographic or financial situation.

We are a Light Blue collar, lower middle-middle class family that's living debt-free and a bit better than pay check to pay check.

With no vested special interest*...are we and those like us a class of more selfless voters? Are we voting for the candidates we think are best for the country as a whole since we have no personal dog in the fight? No company to save, to pension to pad and no money to allot to a specific cause...

Maybe the 'No Special Interest' people should be the one to pick the nominees. I think the landscape might be vastly different...

*I should emphasize that I am not demonizing special interests...just making an observation. If I had a child with autism, I'm sure I'd want more money funneled that way. Or if I was a single mom working at Amtrak, I'd want the candidate that funds rail systems. It's natural and normal to protect your own interests...my question is, what does this say about the voting patterns of those of us that don't have anything on the chopping black to protect?

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