Friday, August 03, 2012

Marriage Equality: Civil Right or Wedge Issue

One of my friends posted this on Facebook yesterday:

"Those of you not in favor of marriage equality - how are you going to handle the awkward conversation with you grand kids in 30 years? With the same pride of those who opposed the civil rights act 50 years ago?"

I sent him this private message:

"I don't do politics on facebook, but I thought I might clear up a common liberal misconception about the traditional marriage crowd.

Most everyone I know believes in full legal benefits through civil unions or domestic partnership. They also are just as offended by atheists having a 'marriage.' (It isn't an anti-gay thing, it's an anti-anti God thing --though, we won't stone you for it) Most of us 'traditional marriage' folks believe in Civil Unions for all secularists (not just gays) and marriages for those that want God involved in their union. We don't want to take legal benefits from anyone. This is the one thing France does right...

I know it's more fun (especially in an election year) to paint us as gun-toting, gay hating neanderthals akin to the slave masters of the South...but it's just not the case. You'd be shocked how many gays have joined our Conservative Blogging ranks..."

The Libertarian Party also posted a similar message yesterday:

It did get me thinking, but is it an accurate analogy...? I know prominent Black leaders have railed at the comparison...

There are a few things about this whole marriage equality debate that perplex me...

1) I have been told by many a gay man that monogamy in gay relationships is virtually unheard of. Why even bother entering into a marriage knowing you will not forsake all others?

2) Marriage is not a real legal contract anyway. It's a joke. If you want to enter into a real legal contract with your partner, start a business.

3) It seems to be a STRAIGHT issue. NONE of my gay friends post about gay marriage or talk about it unless some straight person brings it up. I have two straight friends on FB that post nothing but marriage equality stuff...what's the psychology behind that?

Unfortunately, I think both sides prefer to keep this as a wedge issue or the Civil Unions for all, Marriage for a few would have been introduced by someone...

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