Thursday, August 02, 2012

It's All About Free Speech

As I have stated here many times in the past, I am a proponent of full and equal legal rights for gay couples that want them. I have no care about what people do in their bedrooms and I hope they have no thoughts about what I do in mine. But, I also don't believe it's evil, hateful or discriminatory to believe what the Bible says about homosexuality and to state that belief publicly. The Bible says hate the sin and not the sinner. And, Lord knows, we're all sinners.

Our trek to Chick-Fil-A yesterday was about FREE SPEECH. Full stop.

I wasn't sure what to expect living in the liberal oasis that is Philadelphia.

The parking lot was jam-packed. The restaurant was standing room only. And the drive through wrapped around the building.

The first thing I noticed was the vast diversity of the crowds walking into the building. White, black, well dressed, blue collar, families and singletons.

Philly's finest was in attendance, but there were no protestors that I saw. Only hoards or supporters.

They had obviously anticipated the support and had tons of employees behind the counter.

I'm so curious to hear what sales figures will be for the day...

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