Friday, August 10, 2012

Attack Ad Gone Wild

I am on record as supporting attack ads. I have no problem with Down and Dirty politics...regardless of their perceived 'relevance' to the Presidency. IF THE ACCUSATIONS ARE TRUE. If a candidate slept with their nanny (or their pool boy)...I have no problem with the opposition exploiting the character flaw and I feel the public should know that. But to blatantly make up things? Too far. Even for someone like me that is normally amused by the mudslinging....

  • Romney no longer in charge of day-to-day decisions at Bain by the time the steel plant closed down.

  • The man’s wife – his name is Joe Soptic, hers was Ranae – actually died in 2006, nearly five years after the original layoff.

  • The former steelworker acknowledged that his wife had actually continued to have insurance of her own after he was laid off, and only lost her coverage more than a year later, when she left her own job because of an injury.

  • "What the ad had portrayed as cause-and-effect — Romney closed Joe Soptic’s plant, Ranae Soptic died — was a tenuous-to-nonexistent connection." (Fact Checking is Not Enough, NYT)

    The Left's response? Whining that some Conservatives are calling him "Joe Septic?!"

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