Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sanctimonious Liberals

Not sure why, but Facebook has made my disdain of sanctimonious liberals 1,000 times worse than the blogs ever did. Little things like this:

"Sick and goddamned tired of people posting negative shit about food stamps and welfare. THE SOCIAL SAFETY NET KEPT ME FED AND HOUSED AS A KID. If you think today's kids don't deserve the same, please unfriend me and go fuck yourself."

(Oh trust me, if I was friends with you I would have never seen this because I would have 'hidden' your statuses long ago like most of my other left-leaning contacts...but I was tempted to friend you JUST so I could unfriend you.)

And then her explanation:

"I've seen it a lot lately. A stupid thing about parks posting signs about not feeding animals because it makes them dependent on handouts (and poor people are like animals, duh!) is making the rounds again. But I agree w XXXX - the "some people abuse it so no one should have it" argument is dumb. By the same token, "some people commit war crimes, let's abolish the army and never go to war again" ... no one thinks THAT makes sense, right? Same logic..."

Which means she was seeing this as it made the FB rounds:

Has anyone advocated for abolishing welfare or just putting tighter restrictions and cleaning up all the fraud and bureaucracy?

And, though I have a strict NO POLITICS ON FACEBOOOK rule for myself, it grated on me until I had to go in and point out that TRUE compassion reaches into their own pocket and doesn't rely on a government that gives welfare recipients 24 cents on the dollar to do so... And then I have to go back and delete my comment because I broke my own rule and I don't want to get sucked into some pissing match with a friend's friend. It's maddening... And no, I can't just get off facebook because I have a social media job that requires my facebook presence 3-5 times a day...

So, this morning, a few days after all this transpired...I was afforded a harty guffaw thanks to this girl that has decided to channel her anger at those pissed off at the problem instead of the cradle to gravers out there perpetuating it.

Philly Mayor Imposes a Homeless Outdoor Feeding Ban.

Our liberal Democrat Mayor has taken that newspaper clipping to a whole new level.

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Anonymous said...

Well Said! I am in the same boat right now with one of my husbands cousins. She is on me and asking to explain why I would repost something like this? Should I explain myself or let it go?? I know my husband will say we don't have to explain a thing to her, but when she calls me ignorant and that I dont understand I feel I need to tell her, yes I do understand. We had a similar situtaion of long unemployment, but choose to use a credit card for grocheries and then payed it off once we secured work. A loan is the answer, not a hand out with no questions asked!