Tuesday, July 31, 2012

High End Hypocrisy

A while back, my brother and I were discussing a gay online site that outs celebs and politicians. My take was that it was a completely inappropriate invasion of privacy and the fact that it was gays outing other gays was shocking to me. My brother went on to explain that they didn't out every famous homosexual that was currently closeted...only those that speak out against homosexuality or propose/pass laws against the that community's interest. I guess that's fair then. Exposing their hypocrisy through exposing their sexual preference. I get it.

I thought of that conversation this morning as I looked through pictures of Michelle Obama in her $6,800 J Mendel jacket at the pre-Opening Ceremony Buckingham Palace reception (source).

I have no class envy. I don't want to out Shelley for being able to afford higher end designers than I can (though, in all honesty, I wouldn't have paid $100 for that jacket). BUT, when the Obama's are campaigning as the champions of the middle class and painting Romney as the rich elite...to wear a jacket that would cost most of us in the middle class almost a month's wages...seems a bit like high end hypocrisy to me.

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