Monday, July 23, 2012

Assault Weapons

I'm sure we've had this discussion here before, and I should preface it by saying that I fully support the right for all citizens to own handguns for protection and rifles for hunting (if they must)...

But can someone please explain to me why anyone should have the right or the need for automatic and semi-automatic assault weaponry other than SWAT officers or military personnel?!

I know this goes against all that is Libertarian, but what good ever came from civilian ownership of such high powered weapons of mass killing? Yes, the Joker-wanna-be could have used many things available online to kill those people in the movie theater, but the guns made it that much easier and more efficient. I think I'm with Bill Kristol on this one.

The only argument I've heard is: If the government takes over, they can't possess all the high powered weapons! Really?! And I was worried about my tin foil hat for the Fair Share PBS game?

I just don't get it... Maybe because I have lived my life in a very urban setting? It'll be interesting to see if anyone can make me see the "other side..."

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Bob Lobaw said...

So long as society remains, and our civil contract holds sway in a law and order nation, assault weapons bans just may be a good idea.

Unfortunately we have no guarantee that we will never devolve into mob rule in a lawless society.

Hypotheticals are not beyond possibility. Katrina left a wake of destruction where the law did not apply.