Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Writers (or Wanna-be Writers) and Your Input Wanted.

In approximately a month's time, this little blog will be EIGHT YEARS OLD. Holy Hell, right? And the thing is, I have thought about ditching it thousands of time. Not because I have fallen out of love with it, but because I have such guilt when I'm not updating every day.

I've had a few blog contributors over the years...but with no praise or pay, it's tough to generate staying power. As the pace of my life quickens (I am now not "just a stay at home mom" but a work from home mom), I am putting the call out one more time. Wanna-be blog contributors --don't be shy! Rickvid, freemom, Glenn Cassel, or long time lurkers --consider it?

And in the meantime...

A (male) Facebook friend had this on his page and I have been thinking about its validity all morning:

"Want to know what a man loves? Give him $100.00. He'll spend it on whatever he loves. This is a good thing to do _before_ you marry the guy..."


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