Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WI Recall: Reelection Gauge...or Union Reassessment?

This site has a good Crash Course on the Scott Walker Recall.

But, all you really need to know is this is what the unions bringing their full weight to bear looks like.

"...Unions, which have long been fighting stories of their demise, have much of what's left of their reputation as powerful political organizers riding on the race.

Union membership in 2011 fell to a record low for the second straight year, according to the Department of Labor, but that's not the only avenue in which unions have been struggling." (source)

There has been much talk about this election being a gauge of what November will bring for Barack Obama, but I see it more as a referendum on the existence of unions...and there relevance moving forward in a cash depleted America. The Union powers-that-be can't have Scott Walker revitalize Wisconsin after letting workers walk away from unions because that would belittle their very being...

"A majority of US States require their local governments to hire exclusively union employees for many functions. No one in politics wants to pick a fight with the public sector unions, but soon they will run out of options. Scott Walker’s courageous effort to let cities and school districts decide whether to engage in collective bargaining is only the first of what will likely be a relentless series of efforts over the coming generation to roll back union power. Regardless whether Wisconsin unions defeat him on Tuesday, this issue will not go away." (Source:GOPlifer)

The truth of the matter is, everyone is all for cutbacks and sacrifice until it lands at their door...

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