Monday, June 11, 2012

Wanna Meet Michelle Obama? Got I.D.?

About 200 or so Americans got their crisp new copies of Michelle Obama's “American Grown” signed by the First Lady herself. I found what they had to go through to obtain that autograph pretty interesting...

1) Buy a copy of “American Grown” in advance at the Barnes & Noble store on 12th and E Streets (only 200 +/- will be sold so be sure to go as soon as the books for the signing go on sale).
2) You won’t get the book then, just a receipt and wristband. (You also have to give your name and show a copy of your ID and Social Security number)
3) Then customers with the wristbands — first come, first serve — show up for the actual signing; you have to be approved and screened by the Secret Service, and check bags, cameras and cell phones. The first lady will sign one copy of the book (no personalization) for each customer, and the event lasts just 45 minutes, which means there’s no guarantee that everyone in line will, in fact, get an autographed book. (source)

From Newsbusters:

"The Obama administration has done its best to oppose states from instituting new, stricter voter ID laws, complaining that many minority voters lack photo identification. But those same folks it wants voting in November are apparently not welcome anywhere near the First Lady's book signings. Something tells me that the same media outlets comparing voter ID laws to the Jim Crow Laws, however, won't see any hint of hypocrisy here, if they even report the story at all. (source)

And from Media Matters:

"Some in the conservative media are comparing voter ID laws to a supposed photo ID requirement for First Lady Michelle Obama's upcoming book signing to accuse the Obama administration of hypocrisy. However, such a comparison is invalid, because while people have a constitutional right to vote, they do not have a constitutional right to meet with the first lady." (source)

The problem with this sweeping statement, dear Media Matters, is we want to check IDs to MAKE SURE you have a "Constitutional right to vote." Dead people, cartoon characters, felons, and illegals have no Constitutional right to meet Michelle Obama OR to vote.

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