Monday, June 25, 2012

Place Your Bets

Today, there is a possibility the Supreme Court of the United States of America could render their verdict on the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

SCOTUS will rule on four separate issues:

  • If the court should even consider the case in the first place, there is a possibility the justices will rule the constitutionality of the law cannot be challenged until individuals are actually subjected to the individual mandate in 2014.

  • If the law's individual mandate, which requires most adults to either buy insurance or pay a fee that would reach $695 by 2016, is constitutional.

  • If a directive requiring states to expand Medicaid coverage, at risk of losing federal grants, is constitutional.

  • If the court eliminates the individual mandate, the justices must decide if it can be separated from the law or if the entirely of the legislation goes down with it.

  • Here's an interesting article on the subject --that stood out in the sea of thousands this morning:

    "...For the past century, the U.S. has not had a capitalist system, but rather, a mixed economy, combining increasing elements of government intervention with decreasing commitment to individual rights and private property. Obamacare is but one example of the drift toward socialism.
    Which element of the U.S. mixed economy—capitalism or socialism—is responsible for the superb quality of its healthcare? Which element is responsible for its skyrocketing prices?
    Which principles are responsible for American innovations in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and for overall excellence in healthcare? The same principles responsible for such American advances as the electric light, the telephone, the airplane, the computer, the Internet, the creation of film and music industries, and of a robust body of national literature: the principles of individual rights and free markets that liberate America’s most creative minds to revolutionize every field.
    Capitalism is responsible for the superb quality of America’s medical care..." (Read the rest of the Forbes article)

    Here's an article by someone that believes as I do...that the ONLY way to save our health care dilemma, is a return to a cash for service system. Using insurance for catastrophic circumstances as insurance was meant to be used:

    Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash He makes a compelling argument.

    So, if this were a Vegas blog...which way would the bets be going?

    1) Obamacare stays intact.
    2) Scotus strikes down the President's key piece of legislation
    3) Scotus renders certain parts of Obamacare unConstitutional

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