Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Good Deed...

I know I've told this story here before, but it's been on my mind lately with so many of the happenings in the news...

In college there was a required class called Justice 101 (I tried to get the course description, but apparently it isn't required anymore or is now called something else) At the culmination of the class, we had a Rhode Island(?) Supreme Court Justice come speak to us and impart some of his judicial reasoning. He told us that when someone came before him he used their past to weigh heavily in his verdict (and subsequent sentencing). So, a man that raped a young girl, but had been a foster child in the system in their youth, might get probation as the judge's way of making an even playing field. My 21 year old self was horrified. Before I knew it my hand was in the air and I was challenging this reasoning and charging him to keep that rapist in his house with his own children for a few weeks before they were thrust on an unsuspecting public.

It makes you wonder how many judges out there share this philosophy of using thier current position to "fix past wrongs" by endangering the unwitting general population.

Perhaps even the past judges of Miami-Dade Cannibal Rudy Eugene (there was actually no pieces of human flash found in Eugene's stomach, nor was their evidence of bath salts).
"Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show Eugene was arrested a number of times in the past few years, once for battery, trespassing, and four times for marijuana related charges.

In 2004, he was arrested for threatening to kill his mother.

'We could hear him yelling and throwing things inside the house,' said Mike Pons to WPLG-TV, one of the North Miami police detectives who arrested Eugene.

'He wasn't cooperative, wouldn't follow orders, very belligerent,' Detective Pons said. 'He had that thousand-yard stare, staring right into you, not assessing or understanding what the commands were.'

Eugene was one of the first people ever to be tasered by North Miami Beach police, needing to be shocked with a stun gun three times to be subdued." (source)

Numerous judges over the years took pity on Eugene. He beat his wife, threatened to kill his mom...arrested 8 times over 5 years and he was still free to eat homeless men...

But how much do you want to bet that the guy that killed the man that was trying to molest his four year old little girl (when everyone is aware of recidivism rates in pedophiles) will go to jail...?

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