Monday, May 21, 2012

Settled Dust & Fickle Yutes

So, the wedding was lovely.

If TLC ever does a "Say yes to an important event planned in a week or less" show, my family is a lock for the first episode. We also seem to love little humorous Ken and Barbie on the cake, giant heart pinatas and Rick-rolling the guests...

Congratulations to my brother and his beautiful bride!

In other news, while in Spencer's to find an embarrassing "Girl's Night Out" gift for the aforementioned beautiful bride, I came across these items:

Obama countdown clock $11.99:

Obama toilet paper $4.99:

During the '08 election, I blogged about Spencer's/Hot Topic having their pro-Obama merchandise displayed predominately beside all their Anarchy merchandise (and that sadly the staff nor the clientele seemed to notice the discrepancy between being the 'anti-establishment store" and then pimping the establishment).

Well, now that the store is touting it's anti-Obama gear...does this mean they finally get it, or just that they're really fickle?

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