Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Man Cave Decor

The Man can't really decorate his Man Cave (or 'Man Room' as our little one calls it) in the way he would were he a single man without children wandering in and out of it. So, in lieu of scantily clad Maxim beauties and when you're not really a "sports guy," what's an old married man to do with bare walls?

I might have found an answer. Mixed in with all his one-of-a-kind framed records and Clash memorabilia could be some framed political posters from RightPosters.com. The Man isn't overtly political, but I think many of the offerings there will appeal to his ever-growing anti-government sentiments. The site has a ton of cool quotes, sarcastic quips and military posters, but I think I've narrowed it down to these three:

If I order some black poster frames from Ikea and frame up these three posters for Father's Day am I overstepping the bounds and rules of the Man Cave or am I being a wonderful and thoughtful wife?

BTW, I see the site says they are always looking for new artists...I am envisioning some Conservative Femi-Nazi/Mommy Wars Swag. Any ideas?

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