Friday, April 13, 2012

War On Women VS. Mommy Wars

"Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country." ~Margaret Thatcher

I wasn't gonna go there, but...

So, Obama says the RIGHT is waging a war on women because Rick Santorum (a candidate that is no longer in the race) doesn't personally believe in birth control and that a majority (?) of Republicans don't think it's a travesty if insurance doesn't foot the birth control bill...

BUT, apparently it's fine for them to denigrate stay-at-home moms? By now everyone has read about the ridiculous Hillary Rosen statements concerning Ann Romney, but what this stay-at-home-mom thought was worse than that? A week ago, Obama said that Michelle "didn't have the luxury to stay home." The LUXURY?! Obama was making $160,000+ as a Senator and they have only two children. More than doable.

No, Mr. President. What you should have said is you weren't willing to make the SACRIFICES that we one-income families make. No big house. No new cars. No shore house. No multiple vacations. And for some reason I really can't see you scouring Craigslist for your appliances, cars and furniture the way I do for mine. I can't see your wife shopping at consignment shops for all those belts she places right under her breasts instead of around her waist.

And, Ms. Rosen...who do you think the VILLAGE is that the other Hillary spoke of? You, from your office? No ma'am, it's me. Me with a kitchen and living room full of all the working mom's kids before school because they have to leave before the bus comes --and after school because they're all hungry and your not home yet. And for free of course, because what the hell, I'm just sitting here eating bon bons anyway!

So, the school and I spend significantly more time with your children than you do. And while your house is much bigger than mine and your furniture and car much newer...I feel okay about that because I (on my meager one-income existence) make sure your child eats before and after school and help them with the homework you were too busy to help with and answer the questions they never get to ask I hope you like my ideology because it's out there now.

I hate the Mommy Wars. If you work, that's your choice. But I have my degree and I do TONS of crap from home including raising a ton of working families kids that aren't when you turn up your nose at MY CHOICE, it really makes me want to go all Hunger Games on your ass.

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