Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Post from SoLow

I can sympathize with George Zimmerman. There, I said it, and it's true - I feel for the guy. "Facts" continue to roll out through the media (which is why I put the word in quotes), some of which paint a picture that makes Trayvon Martin seem not-quite-such-a-nice-young-man, but most of which depict Zimmerman as a descendant of Satan himself. Politicians are speaking out, people are holding rallies, many citizens want to see his head on a platter already.

Back in the early '90's I was a Marine based on a ship that called Coronado, CA it's home port. One night I was involved in an incident with a homosexual man that left him laying in an alley with numerous injuries and bleeding profusely. The subsequent investigation led police to me, I was taken into custody a few weeks later in Honolulu, HI and charged with 4 crimes including Attempted Murder & Interference with the Civil Rights of a Homosexual (a Hate Crime, in other words). Hate Crimes had just recently become a "popular" thing for prosecutors to go after so of course it was all over the news. My parents (in Philadelphia) read about it in USA Today. The community of San Diego wanted me tarred & feathered, using my USMC Infantry background as a soap box to proclaim to everyone that I was a psychotic killer & a danger to society. The DA who prosecuted the case was an openly gay man who (I was told) had actually authored the Hate Crime law in San Diego County. The list goes on - needless to say, I had a big-ass bullseye on my torso and they used me as a poster child for supposed "intolerance" of others. In the end, I was convicted of Assault IV (same as Assault with a Deadly Weapon, even though there were no weapons used) and also the Hate Crime. Fortunately I got away with time served (about 100 days in the SD County Resort) and probation, but it could have been much worse.

What nobody paid attention to through all of this were the FACTS. This man had just run up a $100+ tab in a bar for me & 2 of my comrades (hindsight told me he was REALLY trying to get us loaded). This man then followed my friends & I to a deli where he insisted on buying our late-night meal as well. This man continued to follow us as we walked back to base. This man was opportunistic enough to notice that I was taking a leak in an alley and walk my direction. (I saw him, and turned my back to finish my business.) This man then proceeded to get close enough to kneel down, grab my balls & tell me that he wanted to, "give (me) the best blowjob (I've) ever had." Admittedly at this point I wrist-locked & throat-chopped him, telling him something along the lines of, "keep your dick-lovin hands off of me." When I then tried to walk away my nose wandered into a right hook from him, which sparked off the full melee. Next thing I knew, my bro's were pulling me off of him and we hi-tailed it back to base. To this day I believe that I was innocent of those charges, due to the events that lead up to the fight. (If a man grabs a woman by the cootch & she kicks his ass, who gets prosecuted?)

IMHO, politics and a society that was misguided by perceptions instead of educated by facts were what got me convicted in that case. If Zimmerman is as horrible of a person as he's being portrayed then by all means lock him up & throw away the key. I just hope he gets more a fair shake than I did, and that the system actually does what it's designed to do. Allow him the opportunity to be innocent if he is, in fact, innocent.

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