Friday, April 20, 2012

Bill Clinton Stumping for Pennsylvania Attorney General?

President Bill Clinton was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He's also lived in Oxford, D.C., Connecticut, and New York. So why is he stumping for a candidate running for Attorney General here in Pennsylvania?

The only thing I can can come up with is that he is doing it to stick it to her challenger. Kathleen Kane is a long time Clinton supporter, but so are many people. Do they all get the former President not only endorsing them, but making appearances? I would think not.

But Kane's Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, must have really pissed the Clintons off. He has always rubbed me the wrong way as a politician and Army Girl and I have had quite a few talks about him. She knows him personally and claims he's a stand up guy. Eh. I don't get that vibe at all.

So why would Bill Clinton dislike some local PA dude enough to actively campaign for his challenger?

The only thing I can come up with is, he was one of the first to publicly come out and endorse Obama over Hillary AND he was a major player in overturning President Clinton's Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Okay, I'm not the only one wearing the tinfoil hat. I just Googled "Clinton and Patrick Murphy" and this article came up:

Payback in Pat's backyard

"Kane says she Googled the Clinton Foundation, found the telephone number, and called. Since a phone number is not listed on that website it’s curious and raises a question of precisely how the Clinton-Kane connection was made.

I doubt it took much convincing to get Clinton to make the endorsement and appearance Thursday night, given Murphy’s opposition to Hillary.

No one among the Kane camp Thursday night could say exactly how or why the rally was held at Upper Moreland, a short drive from Murphy’s Bristol home. Not even Kane knew why.

But if you’re Bill Clinton, you understand there’s no denying the most effective way to send a message is to bark it loudly in your opponent’s backyard."

Ooops. I wonder if that game of hoops with Obama was worth this very public political spanking by the Clintons...? Maybe he should have been a little more Democratic about the whole thing... ;)

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