Monday, March 05, 2012

Obama and Alinsky, Standing with Rush and the Right Acquiesces to Mitt

  • Andrew Breitbart's last column has been published posthumously and his challenge to Conservatives to make sure Obama is vetted this go around has been issued. The article: The Vetting, Part I: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky.

    While reading Andrew's article that closes the gap between Obama and Alinsky that the White House has striven to maintain, I couldn't help but think of an email I received a while back asking why NOT ONE of Obama's old girlfriends or even prom dates have come forward. There has been no, "Hey, I want to the senior prom with Barack Obama" or "I went to homecoming with the President!" We haven't heard from anyone that sat next to him in class or that took a class he taught. It's odd even if you're not a Conspiracy freak...right?

  • I'm not going to say anything more about the Rush Limbaugh uproar than this woman needed no apology. I'm not so easily distracted by bright, shiny things. The White House's Fluke's words offended me much more than Limbaugh's. I am beyond disgusted that there is a generation so entitled, they feel as if birth control is a right. It's beyond comprehension. The only thing I fault Rush for is giving her absurdity cover for the bait and switch.

  • Regardless what the national polls were showing, the Conservative blogosphere was holding strong against Mitt Romney. I believe that Newt won all or most of John Hawkins' GOP primary polling. BUT, for the first time in the polling done by Right Wing News...Mitt is winning among Conservative Bloggers. But, he's still not their choice. Though Romney wins among the bloggers with 47% saying they would vote for him of the election was held today, 52% also say they would prefer "a yet unnamed candidate selected at a brokered convention." You can see the complete poll results here
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