Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mainstream Media Narrative"

A Guest Post by ERIC AVES:

President Obama's responses to the resent events may have been curious to some, but to most of us who make note to keep an eye out for all things, his sincerity has been aimed towards leftist dogma. For example, Ala's former post, described Bristol Palin waiting for her call after the Fluke fiasco created havoc for the birth control issue. Currently, the issue is with the murder of Trayvon Martin and the perpetrator George Zimmerman. I'm not going to take sides on this story till all facts come out. I'm not the type to call for Zimmerman's life and I don't know whether he shot Treyvon on purpose or on self defense. Not only is the death of a young 17 year old boy sad, but the constant portrayal of Zimmerman as a "White Latino," gun toting wannabe hero strikes me as downright pathetic. The media should actually report what happened, not calling Zimmerman derogatory terms or focusing on his last name and lighter skin color (yet Zimmerman has black relatives and is part Hispanic), but that would run contrary to what most in the media believe in. We have adults with six year old emotions behind the camera telling us how they think while throwing tantrums and pointing fingers. I feel as if I'm watching a live feed of a playground, except Twitter has a!/KillZimmerman post going... and somehow this is ok? (Ironically, the target on Zimmerman is the very target they condemned Palin for with Jared Loughner and the Gabrielle Gifford) And here's the crux of my post, that this media frenzy would not happen if Trayvon had been any other color. It may have just been an uprising in the city, instead of nationwide as it is now. For example, where's the media firestorm about this murder of two British Students shot while begging for their life? It happened last April, yet I just found out about the case through internet exploring. Another missed story happened earlier this month when a white kid was set on fire by two black youth for "being white." The news would have all over this had the youths places been reversed. And why hasn't Obama given them five minutes of their time to say how sorry he is for the two murdered Brits or the burnt youth when he found the time for Fluke or Trayvon. It could be lousy advice from his staff for political points, or like the media, he probably does not know all the details. Well, Mr President, instead of jumping on the media bandwagon, admit you won't jump to conclusions till all information is known. Judging by his past pronouncements, that won't happen. Why not mourn the dead or targets of EACH tragedy and quit picking and choosing. This is where the media holds the power. Swaying emotions of the uninformed, constant news feeds barrage the unsuspected with opinions. There, the uninformed hit the streets, riots begin, blogs light up, and with Zimmerman, our legal system thrown out for vigilantism. And therein, sadly, lies the media narrative. It will be a great day when many in the media quit politicizing color and focus on the words of MLK Jr.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream, 1963.

“Our true nationality is mankind.”
― H.G. Wells

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