Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Let's Do Some Boycotting Of Our Own

THIS woman loves Rush.

The hoopla over him calling out absurdity is beginning to really irk me.

Twelve advertisers (that list is growing) and two radio stations have pulled out of Rush Limbaugh's show.

Let that marinate for a second.

14 men (or women) that were intelligent enough to become CEOs of companies like ProFlowers and Sleep Number --decided to pull advertising from a show where the listeners SPEND MONEY to appease a contingent that doesn't even want to pay for their own birth control.

Dear Pro Flowers CEO...the people 'outraged' at Rush aren't paying for a florist. They're either picking then from their Conservative neighbors garden or making them from construction paper paid supplied by their school.

Dear Sleep Number...the people 'outraged' over Rush aren't spending $2,000 on a mattress. They're occupying a tent somewhere.

Dear Carbonite...the people 'outraged' over Rush are using their Conservative parents' computer.

I am not normally one for Boycotts and the like, but I plan to write each and every one of these daft CEOs and let them know that because they bowed to manufactured outrage and displayed reactionary behavior...I would never feel secure using any of their products:

Sleep Number
The Sleep Train
Quicken Loans
Legal Zoom
Tax Resolution
Bare Escentuals
AllState Insurance

Here is the FULL LIST with statements from the companies

And here are almost identical companies that you can substitute for any listed above

The two radio stations are WBEC of Pittsfield, MA and KPUA of Hilo, OH.

Personally, I wouldn't have called the birth control shill a prostitute or a slut, but I'm sure I could come come up with a few appropriate adjectives for someone that thinks tax payers should fund her sex life...

(Here's a good article: View From The Right: How Democrats Are Using Women As Pawns)

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