Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest From The Right: Greybeard

"Radical" Islam

For openers, I know next to nothing about Islam. I hope my fears are for nothing.
But in previous discussions with Islamic followers I have found there are certain questions that bring dialogue to a halt...

  • Is it true the Koran commands Muslims to either enslave, convert, or KILL non-Muslims?

  • Is it true "taqiyah" condones lying to non-Muslims if it benefits the expansion of Islam?

  • Is it true the later, more militant sections of the Koran supercede the earlier, kinder, gentler verses?

  • We continue to hear we are at war with "radical" Islam.
    If the questions above are all answered in the affirmative then Islam, at its very core, is radical and we are at war with the basic "religion"...
    A rapidly growing cancer that it seems we're ignoring at our peril.

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