Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The GOP Still Has No Clear Candidate

"Rick Santorum ensured that the Republican nominating battle will drag on, possibly into the spring and beyond, after pulling off a pair of victories in the Deep South on Tuesday – the last big night of primaries until April.

The former Pennsylvania senator edged out his opponents in both Mississippi and Alabama, allowing him to build the case that he is the “conservative” alternative to Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich." (source)

Almost a year ago I posted the GOP candidate I would create in a political remake of Weird Science...and I fear that none of the 4 choices on the table really measure up (though one does make an appearance):

To look like him:

With his brain:

His balls:

Her accessibility:

His military background:

His oration:

Her fortitude:

And, his humor:

The first time I posted this, I was remiss not to add...
His manliness:

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