Friday, March 16, 2012

Game Change

I couldn't sleep last night, so I watched HBO's Game Change.

The best part of the movie (for me) was seeing what hockey jersey 'Palin' would be wearing next...Rangers, Aves, Red Wings. That doesn't say much for the movie, I guess.

First, aesthetically, Julianne Moore is quite a few years older than Palin and it's evident. Apparently, there was/is Emmy talk but I though her accent was atrocious. At times she sounded like the police chief Marge in Fargo.

The Right wants to dismiss this as total fiction --and movie makers didn't help their authenticity cause by casting some of the most liberal members of Hollywood to play all the major characters. In fact, I think someone that did some digging found that people on the set (both actors and behind the scenes) have donated hundreds of thousands to Barack Obama and Democrats and not $1 to Republicans.

But, a few major players from McCain's camp have said that the Palin portrayal is accurate.

That's okay with me. Even if these are facts, they don't demonize her. She was plucked from obscurity with no decent prep or realistic expectation on how seethingly anti-Palin the press would be (in all fairness, I don't think anyone could have foreseen how despicable the MSM would be). Would it be surprising to learn she felt betrayed by the staff and shut down on them on occasion? No, who wouldn't? Would it be surprising that she didn't know many aspects of foreign policy or who the President of Georgia was? There are plenty of Americans that don't know who the Vice President of this country is...

I think what comes through loud and clear is McCain's people didn't fully vet her and then they blamed her instead of helping her through it. What came through was as much as they blamed her --she gave them TONS of momentum and money that they would have never achieved without her voice.

They try to plant the seeds of mental instability, but who wouldn't be on the verge of a breakdown with grown men making sexual jokes about your teenage daughter and comedians making derogatory remarks about your Downs Syndrome baby. They try to plant the seeds of a lower intelligence, but that also rings as false because when she wanted to learn something --she did and has.

This movie was made to scare those that would watch it with emotion in lieu of thought. It was made to ensure there was never another Palin Presidency run. The movie makers claim they were going to make the Obama-Hillary story, but chose this because that was too long.

Yeah, we believe that.

So, they tried to paint Palin as a mentally unstable idiot...but what they did was paint a normal mom that was thrust into incredible hate but persevered because she truly does love her country. Did she make some mistakes along the way? Who doesn't?

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