Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Couple Sues Because They Didn't Abort Their Daughter...And Wins

The other day, when I read that a couple was suing because prenatal testing had said their fetus was healthy and then was born with Downs Syndrome I was disgusted. But, when I read further and found their little girl wasn't a few days (or even a few months) old, but FOUR YEARS OLD...I was furious. You have had this little girl for four years and you are suing because you didn't kill her when it was legal?! And we say that folks in the Middle East are twisted?

I posted the story on my Facebook a few days ago and got a sparse 4 comments. So maybe my disdain is the minority opinion on this one?

Anyway, this morning I Googled the story because my bookmark had gone wonky and low and behold...the case has been settled. This Portland, Oregan couple has received a $2.9 MILLION dollar reward from a jury to compensate them for the horrible burden of having a child in a country where abortion is alive and well.

"Victory for couple who said they 'would have aborted daughter if they knew she had Down's syndrome' as jury forces hospital to pay $2.9million following botched test." (source)

So when a faulty amniocentesis keeps you from aborting your child you get paid. Now, juxtapose this story with the outrage at Santorum for saying that amniocentesis leads to abortion...

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