Friday, February 03, 2012

We Knew That Was Coming

Hybrids...all the hipsters have them.

But, in a moment of honesty a very liberal couple The Man and I were friends with admitted that their Saturn got much better mileage than their Prius. I know it was a painful thing for them to fess up to, but they weren't the last to make this confession.

SO this court case was only a matter of time:

"Commissioner Douglas Carnahan presided over a suit in small claims court [in California] by Heather Peters, who claimed her 2006 Honda hybrid never achieved the gas mileage Honda claimed in its advertising. The court ruled in her favor Feb. 1, 2012, awarding her just under $10,000.

"American Honda believes that the judgment in this case is a radical and unprecedented departure from California and federal law," the automaker said in a statement." (source)

Watch out Toyota...If the Hipsters are willing to publicly admit they were hornswoggled, I can only assume you're next.

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