Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Romney's Nevada Win

Isn't the Romney folks touting a win in Nevada akin to the Pope boasting a win in the Vatican? Duh, it's Nevada...of course Romney won...

Speaking of Mormonism, I came across this fascinating article this morning...

"In the Mormonism of Mitt Romney, for instance, God the father was once a man and he lived on another planet. He went through birth, life and death on another planet and he was given the ability to create this world like his god [did].

So the first difference is that he had a god above him. We are talking about multiple gods.

The second difference that Christians would have with Mormonism is the definition of the word salvation. Mormons would say, when they use the word salvation, that means the ability to have your body resurrected. It really doesn't have to do with where you are going to spend eternity. To a Mormon, what is important is not salvation because they believe that that's the gift that's given to every person who lives on this earth, that they will have their bodies resurrected. But the thing that is important to them is exaltation and all Mormons work very very hard because this is not a free gift, salvation is.

Then exaltation is which kingdom of heaven you end up in and ultimately whether or not a Mormon can become a god or goddess. And I believed with all my heart when I was a Mormon that I was going to become a goddess and that my husband and I would create worlds like this one."

And he address MY major concern with Romney:

"The concern that many people have about someone who is a faithful Mormon becoming a high level leader, especially a powerful leader like the president of the United States, is if the Mormon church and the government of the United States had a disagreement, where would his loyalties lie?

That's not to say he's not a good man. I believe that he is a very good man. I believe that he's a man of integrity, in terms of his political feelings. But there is a difference between someone who has great integrity and someone who has divided loyalties in terms of authority."

Read the entire article: Ex-Mormon Speaks Out on Mormons Gaining Visibility, Mitt Romney

I want a hard-core Mormon that will address this. If the Mormon Hierarchy (the Prophet/BYU President) and the best direction for the country are at odds...who wins? Could Romney dismiss the advice/council of a man he believes is an actual prophet of God on earth if it conflicted with what was best for the country? No one will ever answer this question. They always point to the faiths of other Presidents, but other faiths don't believe in living, breathing, modern day prophets... Someone? Anyone?

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