Monday, February 27, 2012

PETA Rescues? Not So Much.

PETA advertises itself as the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than three million members and supporters. PETA stages “rescue” operations of abused animals and can serve a useful purpose, which it is exceeding adept at publicizing.

What PETA does not tell you is that it doesn’t much like pets — which it sees to view as a form of animal slavery. Nor does it tell you that it euthanizes — kills — some 85% of the animals it rescues. As an organization, it tends to believe an animal is better dead than living with a human being.

As far back as 2008, the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to have PETA officially reclassified as a “slaughterhouse.”

It claimed PETA’s own official reports, indicate it put to death virtually every dog and cat it took in for adoption. This policy extended from 2006 through 2011.

Virginia requires animal shelters to report the number of dogs and cats taken in each year — how many are euthanized and how many are adopted.

These statistics are available through Virginia’s Sunshine Law and, as incredible as some may find it, since 1998, of 31,815 animals (mostly dogs and cats) admitted to PETA shelters, only 3,159 were adopted — and 27,751 were killed.

That’s 9.7% adoption rate and an 87.2% kill rate — a ghastly record for an organization purporting to work on behalf of animals.
What it indicates is a view that if an animal isn’t free and in the wild, it is better off dead.

But wait, it get’s worse. Since 2006 the PETA adoption rate has dropped precipitously, the kill rate risen dramatically.

In 2006, of 3,061 animals admitted to PETA’s shelter, 12 (0.39%) were adopted, 2,981 (97.49%) were euthanized.

Last year — 2011 — some 1,992 animals were admitted, 24 were adopted (1.2%) and 1,911 (95.9%) were killed.

And this is just Virginia.

PETA’s admitted preference for euthanasia has resulted in an alliance with the Humane Society of the U.S. A zero birthrate is the goal for dogs and cats, not a zero kill rate.

Yet according to Newsweek(itls), shelters in Nevada, New York, San Francisco and Texas have adopted a “no-kill” policy that saves money, gets dogs and cats adopted. The save ratio is 85%. (source)

So, basically, the pictured PETA ad is a total crock of shite.

I am not a 'life at any cost' person when it comes to animals. Working at a veterinarians' practice for so many years let me witness firsthand how much an owner will do for themselves in the name of their pet. Dogs in their 3rd round of chemo would look at us like, 'make her stop!' I am a strong proponent of putting a pet down when THEIR quality of life is seriously diminished.

That being said, many people are willing to adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy. PETA could have found forever homes for so many of those animals. I wish someone would confront some of PETA's celebrity backers with this information and see what they say. Especially Pink who sat and cried about 'the animals' during an interview while wearing an 'I had an abortion' t-shirt.

Why do advocacy groups (unions) that begin with a noble cause always end up going so kooky?

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