Thursday, February 02, 2012

Obama's War on Catholicism.

"In 2010, there were 77.7 million American Catholics, 25 percent of the population. And Catholics are the big swing vote in the key political states." (source)

Though I personally don't subscribe to the 'every sperm is sacred' school of thought, I am as equally appalled by Obama's new birth control mandate as my friends that do.

I know the mantra is tired and old, but time after time it's only Christian beliefs that are acceptable to trample. It's frustrating.

"Aides say that Obama was motivated by personal conviction." (source)

Let's see, can we think of analogies our liberal friends can understand? Forcing Catholic institutions to give out/fund birth control is akin to forcing Mosques to hand out pulled pork or finance pig petting zoo. Since when does one person's personal convictions out weigh an entire populations religious beliefs/freedoms?!

It has been said that Obama somehow garnered 47-54% of the Catholic vote in 2008. I have to wonder whether any Catholics that voted for Obama (Who are you people?! He voted YES for partial birth abortion for Christ's sake) plan to do so again in 2012. The next objective for this Administration will be moves in the direction of requiring Catholic hospitals to provide abortions...

And if you were a 'Catholic for Obama' and that happens, I guess you just bypass Purgatory and go straight to hell at that point...?

(The only thing that has made this a bit more bearable is watching the libs writhe over Susan G. Komen's announcement that is it discontinuing grants to Planned Parenthood)

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