Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Losing Heart and It's Only February...

...Even my Republican friends are posting that "My daughter would have died if it were up to Rick Santorum" story. Ugh. Some of my intelligent girlfriends are falling for the hype. Of course amniocenteses results in tons of abortions and of course there are exceptions. The whole reason many women have them is to decide whether to terminate an 'abnormal' pregnancy. That's not saying that's THE ONLY thing they are for. I despise when the media uses semantics that I scoff at, but then tons of people actually buy in to. It's tiring.

People aren't involved/invested/smart/motivated enough to combat the main stream media's push for Obama. They weren't 4 years ago and they still aren't now. They read the shocking headline and don't delve any further.

This morning I actually found myself accepting another four years of Obama (or five according to him) --and trying to figure out what my family can do to weather the storm.

Pretty sad, eh?

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