Friday, February 03, 2012

The Evils of Sugar

"Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance that should be highly regulated with taxes, laws on where and to whom it can be advertised, and even age-restricted sales, says a team of UCSF scientists...they argue that increased global consumption of sugar is primarily responsible for a whole range of chronic diseases that are reaching epidemic levels around the world." (source)

The scientists then went on to lament that 'personal responsibility' wasn't going to cut it and we need the 'government to guide people to healthier choices' even if it takes 'brute force.'

They go on to call for "taxes on heavily sweetened foods and beverages, restricting advertising to children and teenagers, and removing sugar-ladened products from schools, or even from being sold near schools. They suggest banning the sale of sugary beverages to children."

Please, all those that claim they'll abstain from the election if this person or that person gets the nomination...RECONSIDER. Think of all the REGULATION that is in the pipeline. My new mantra: Even Obama-light is better than Obama. repeat that with me please...

H/T: Matt F.

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