Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Obama: I Bought Another Ford.

Just because (it's been reported that) Ford pulled this ad after "pressure from the Obama administration" doesn't mean that the Obama administration can change the fact that most Americans didn't need the commercial to know that Ford didn't take the bailout.

According to a Rasmussen poll 1 in 5 Americans bought a Ford because they didn't take the bailout:

“Have You or Anyone in Family Bought Car from Ford Because Didn’t Take Government Bailout?”

19% said yes, including 33% of the people 18-29 — and 28% of black voters — and 32% of government workers. (source)

And yesterday I REJOINED those ranks. The Man and I bought our THIRD Ford.

Now, I have to be honest...the bailout wasn't the only factor that prompted my second Explorer purchase. But, it was in the top three. Also, I have become super reliant on the keyless entry and The Man can fix most anything that goes wrong with them. So now the front of our house has two Explorers and an F250. (Dear Ford: We're available for the next ad campaign) ;)

(And I am not a conspiracy theorist, so I am not implying anything when I tell you that all of those Ford commercials have been wiped from YouTube and the original articles that are referenced in the articles that I linked...and gone.) Hmmmmmm....

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