Monday, February 13, 2012

Annual Valentine's Day PSA

Yes, you do remember this post from last year...but I do feel it's worth repeating:

Fox News watchers have been inundated over the last few weeks with Vermont Teddy Bear ads. I am always so worried that men out there will buy (literally) into this ad. The surest way for The Man to have a bad Valentine outcome is to show up with a Vermont (or any other state) Teddy Bear.

We are not little girls. We are WOMEN. We are wives, mothers, lawyers, soldiers, teachers graphic designers and doctors. We don't want stuffed animals. And I don't know anyone over 10 years old that would want matching PJs with their teddy bear ($99 for that horror btw)?!

Jewelry, a gift certificate to the mall, cute PJs from Victoria's Secret...Name a star after me (it's a lot cheaper and way more romantic) or just a baby sitter so we can stroll around Center City together for a few hours. Even a card with a heart-felt note inside...all better (and most cheaper) options.

Anything but a Vermont Teddy Bear...that I won't know where to put and how to dust and what the appropriate amount of time before I can donate it is. :)

Some woman-approved V-day ideas (Shop Etsy!):

Pillow with your anniversary date

Personalized Jewelry with your anniversary

Wood heart necklace

Personalized love bird necklace

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