Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vehemently Disagree With Abstaining Voters

I've come to realize over the past few weeks that I have far less respect for fellow Conservative/Libertarian minded folks that are going to abstain from voting this go-around than the original lefty crowd that bought into Obama's promise of 'change' to begin with.

With the promise of four more years unhindered by the restraint of a reelection, how can you sit idle?

We've already had a taste of the change Obama promised in the form of Obamacare, a tanking economy, soaring gas prices, major cuts in military/veteran benefits, a $800,000 soccer field for GITMO detainees, Elena Kagan, Eric Holder, infringement on religious freedoms, Kathleen Sebelius, and more apologies for America than I can name just a few.

I don't give a crap if ____________(fill in the blank) is "Obama-Light."

A bottle of Corona is 148 calories and 14 carbs per bottle.

A bottle of Corona Light is 105 calories and just 5 carbs per bottle.

If you drink tons of Corona Light will you still end up drunk with a beer gut? Of course, but in half the time.

I'll have the Corona Light please.

With lime.

And a clear conscience.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest From the Right: Proof

Ron Paul -Stalking Horse for Romney?

At the risk of alienating long time Ron Paul fans, here's a view from the other side...

It seems that the evidence is mounting that Ron Paul, admired for his forthrightness and unwavering message may have been less than honest with followers specifically and the public in general.

First, a note for those of you not familiar with the term "stalking horse". In frontier times, a stalking horse was a kind of camouflage. A herd of deer or bison might be spooked by a two legged figure coming towards it, but a hunter walking alongside a horse was perceived as just another herd beast, until the hunter was close enough to shoot his prey. The stalking horse gave the hunter cover by disguising his motives.

It seems that Ron Paul may have been Romney's stalking horse among conservatives in the debates...

An analysis of 20 debates by ThinkProgress* shows that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul did not attack rival Mitt Romney once during those televised face-offs.

That’s in comparison to Paul attacking Romney’s rivals — like former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — a total of 39 times during those debates, the report said.

ThinkProgress reported that Paul attacked Santorum 22 times and Gingrich 8 times in the debates. He attacked Texas Gov. Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain four times each and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann one time while they were in the race.

Romney is the most liberal Republican running this year. He's one of the guys that Ron Paul's supporters like to call "McSame", after the failed bid of John McCain. Funny how Dr. Paul attacked all the other candidates as "not being conservative enough" while taking a "kid glove" approach to the most moderate to liberal candidate in the race. And now the stories are out there about how Rand Paul might be in the running for Romney's Veep? What is it they say about once being an accident, twice being coincidence, but three times is enemy action?

If there was a back room deal, does Paul really believe that his followers would accept his endorsement of Romney after having been misled for the past year? Many I've spoken to plan on sitting out the election is Paul is not the candidate. Would they accept Rand as Veep as a sop to their consciences? Or just see it as a sell out?

Speaking as a father, I know that there are lots of things I would give up in order for my children to succeed. But, I don't think my integrity is one of them.

*Yes. ThinkProgress comes with their own ideological bias. But if you can demonstrate where they've gotten their facts wrong here, I'm more than willing to listen.

(You can read Proof daily at Proof Positive)

Guest From the Left: S.W. Anderson

Questions GOP candidates should be, but aren’t being, asked by reporters by S.W. Anderson

Given what Republican governors like Scott Walker (Wisconsin), Rick Snyder (Michigan), Rick Scott (Florida) and John Kasich (Ohio) have done but did not campaign on doing, it’s reasonable to expect reporters to grill Republican presidential candidates about their intentions in certain areas.

So far, despite numerous debates and saturation coverage of campaign appearances and talking-points dumps, media types are busy as can be not asking fair, pertinent questions that might reveal what Willard “Mitt” Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul would really do as president.

We think that no matter how many Sunday-morning talk shows, press conferences and interviews Republican primary candidates do, or the eventual GOP nominee will do later on, you won’t see reporters ask these . . .

16 obvious questions for Republican presidential candidates:

1) Will you do things, or sign legislation, to make it difficult or impossible for workers to form a union or to join one, such as a national right-to-work law?

2) Will you do things, or sign legislation, favoring charter or other private schools at the expense of public schools?

3) Do you intend to privatize or eliminate Social Security?

4) Do you intend to privatize or eliminate Medicare?

5) Do you intend to privatize or eliminate the U.S. Postal Service or any other federal department or agency?

6) Will your administration directly or indirectly seek to cripple or destroy Planned Parenthood?

7) Have you ever discussed, or pledged, in person or through an intermediary, what you would or wouldn’t do as president with any of the Koch brothers?

8) Have you ever discussed, or pledged, what you would and wouldn’t do as president with a trustee, CEO, executive or other representative of Goldman Sachs, or of any of the country’s 10 largest banks and brokerages?

9) Do you believe taxation should be progressive, with the heaviest burden falling on the wealthiest?

10) Do you believe the risk-taking for personal gain of an investor has greater virtue or benefit for the country than the efforts of someone who uses his or her muscles and mind to produce goods or a service, yes or no?

11) Have you pledged to Grover Norquist, or any person or group, that you will not raise taxes on a particular income group, and if so what income group?

12) Would you put in charge of watchdog agencies such as the Mine Safety Bureau and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau persons from the industries and interests those agencies are charged with monitoring?

13) Do you support efforts in several states with Republican administrations to make it more costly and difficult for the young, old and poor to vote, and would you make similar efforts at the federal level?

14) Would you sign legislation requiring mass drug screening of individuals for whom there is no reason to suspect, or evidence of, illegal drug use? In other words, would you employ drug screening to discourage people in need from seeking unemployment benefits or public assistance?

15) Do you believe war with Iran would be good for business and/or the economy generally, yes or no?

16) Do you believe going to war is a winning strategy for a president seeking a second term, given that voters have historically been unwilling to change presidents in time of war?

For any reporters or broadcast personalities who happen by: Please note that these questions concern public policy matters exclusively. They are not personal. They’re not about the horse race, polling or gaffe.

(You can read S.W. Anderson daily at Oh!pinion)

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Quran Desecration"

So, now because some books were burned in Afghanistan we are facing heightened threat from the Islamic radicals here.

But, what I'm annoyed about is this... I looked up "Quran desecration" and you can't WRITE IN THE QU'RAN. Weren't the books burned because prisoners were writing and passing notes in them like a bunch of 6th grade extremists?

Doesn't that mean that the books were ALREADY Desecrated by Muslims? In fact "burning or burying the worn-out copies in a respectful manner is required."

So they desecrated them, we followed the rules and burned them (respectful is subject is it not?) and now OUR PRESIDENT is apologizing? He couldn't take a few seconds to Google the rules like I did?

I say this in a joking manner...but with a serious point. I am so sick of people excusing irrationality. THEY desecrated the books and now they are killing Americans. Unacceptable and Obama needs to grow a pair and say so...

PETA Rescues? Not So Much.

PETA advertises itself as the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than three million members and supporters. PETA stages “rescue” operations of abused animals and can serve a useful purpose, which it is exceeding adept at publicizing.

What PETA does not tell you is that it doesn’t much like pets — which it sees to view as a form of animal slavery. Nor does it tell you that it euthanizes — kills — some 85% of the animals it rescues. As an organization, it tends to believe an animal is better dead than living with a human being.

As far back as 2008, the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to have PETA officially reclassified as a “slaughterhouse.”

It claimed PETA’s own official reports, indicate it put to death virtually every dog and cat it took in for adoption. This policy extended from 2006 through 2011.

Virginia requires animal shelters to report the number of dogs and cats taken in each year — how many are euthanized and how many are adopted.

These statistics are available through Virginia’s Sunshine Law and, as incredible as some may find it, since 1998, of 31,815 animals (mostly dogs and cats) admitted to PETA shelters, only 3,159 were adopted — and 27,751 were killed.

That’s 9.7% adoption rate and an 87.2% kill rate — a ghastly record for an organization purporting to work on behalf of animals.
What it indicates is a view that if an animal isn’t free and in the wild, it is better off dead.

But wait, it get’s worse. Since 2006 the PETA adoption rate has dropped precipitously, the kill rate risen dramatically.

In 2006, of 3,061 animals admitted to PETA’s shelter, 12 (0.39%) were adopted, 2,981 (97.49%) were euthanized.

Last year — 2011 — some 1,992 animals were admitted, 24 were adopted (1.2%) and 1,911 (95.9%) were killed.

And this is just Virginia.

PETA’s admitted preference for euthanasia has resulted in an alliance with the Humane Society of the U.S. A zero birthrate is the goal for dogs and cats, not a zero kill rate.

Yet according to Newsweek(itls), shelters in Nevada, New York, San Francisco and Texas have adopted a “no-kill” policy that saves money, gets dogs and cats adopted. The save ratio is 85%. (source)

So, basically, the pictured PETA ad is a total crock of shite.

I am not a 'life at any cost' person when it comes to animals. Working at a veterinarians' practice for so many years let me witness firsthand how much an owner will do for themselves in the name of their pet. Dogs in their 3rd round of chemo would look at us like, 'make her stop!' I am a strong proponent of putting a pet down when THEIR quality of life is seriously diminished.

That being said, many people are willing to adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy. PETA could have found forever homes for so many of those animals. I wish someone would confront some of PETA's celebrity backers with this information and see what they say. Especially Pink who sat and cried about 'the animals' during an interview while wearing an 'I had an abortion' t-shirt.

Why do advocacy groups (unions) that begin with a noble cause always end up going so kooky?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exposing the Main Stream Media #23,642

Despite all their best efforts:

Santorum's Standing With Women Improving

"Rick Santorum’s standing with Republican women has improved even as he become more vocal in his opposition to abortion and expressed misgivings about birth control. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found that since January Santorum’s popularity with GOP women has jumped 13 points.
Santorum’s standing among Republican women now rivals his chief opponent Mitt Romney. The poll found that 57 percent of Republican women had a favorable view of Santorum compared to Romney’s 61 percent."

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Losing Heart and It's Only February...

...Even my Republican friends are posting that "My daughter would have died if it were up to Rick Santorum" story. Ugh. Some of my intelligent girlfriends are falling for the hype. Of course amniocenteses results in tons of abortions and of course there are exceptions. The whole reason many women have them is to decide whether to terminate an 'abnormal' pregnancy. That's not saying that's THE ONLY thing they are for. I despise when the media uses semantics that I scoff at, but then tons of people actually buy in to. It's tiring.

People aren't involved/invested/smart/motivated enough to combat the main stream media's push for Obama. They weren't 4 years ago and they still aren't now. They read the shocking headline and don't delve any further.

This morning I actually found myself accepting another four years of Obama (or five according to him) --and trying to figure out what my family can do to weather the storm.

Pretty sad, eh?

It's A Thin Line Between Good Intentions and Psychosis

So, I am a huge animal lover. I mean, like, I've even given money to the Sea Shepherds. I won't see 'A Dolphin's Tale' or go to Discovery Cove because I am against captive dolphins. (Though, I have to be honest, unlike Free0352 I didn't think Marley and Me was all that sad because that dog was atrocious...and much like Cesar Millan, I don't find canine bad behavior endearing. You want sad? Watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale)

That being said, I do value human life over animals' lives (well, unless it's between an Army dog and a terrorist in Afghanistan)...

And though I find the wearing of fur to be an odd and outdated actively recruit a hit man to kill random people wearing fur? Yeah, a little psychotic. And wouldn't you just die to know the family history/dynamics of this chick?

"A self-proclaimed animal rights activist in Ohio has been charged with soliciting a hit man to kill a random person wearing fur, either by shooting the individual or slitting his or her throat.

Meredith Lowell, 27, of Cleveland Heights, is accused of creating a phony Facebook profile with the intention of contacting a would-be killer, according to the affidavit filed in an Ohio district court.

Lowell allegedly posted on the social media website the following request: "I would like to create an online community on facebook which would allow me to find someone who is willing to kill someone who is wearing fur toward the end of October 2011 or early November 2011 or possibly in January 2012 or February 2012 at the latest." (source)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama Has Infiltrated YouTube

Has Anyone Else Noticed This?

For the past month or so, every time I watch something on YouTube (which is approximately 1,000 a day) -- that big "Obama 2012" banner pops up on the bottom of the screen. And not just when I am watching political things. This was a video of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy.

I know tings like this are supposed to work as a subliminal message of sorts, but personally I think making yourself a dreaded POP UP would create negative connotations.

And how much could that have possibly cost? had to be millions, don;t you think? I can't seem to find any info about that particular campaign. If you Google any search about Obama ads/banners/etc. on YouTube --the results are about the proper, recorded YouTube ads...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guest from the Right: Free0352


Have you ever fancied yourself a spy? A secret agent? Do you know what an "Asset" is; do you want to be one? This is your chance.

Join the insurgency.

To be considered for membership, you must contact the following email address-

In your application you must include a contact email address and your facebook page if you have one. You must identify yourself to me as you are known on the blogosphere. I'm only taking veteran bloggers whom I know, who have the skill and ability required for the tasks ahead. If you are considered a viable candidate, a document detailing the nature of future operations will be sent to you, and you will be given further instructions. Operational security is paramount.

Lets pretend our blogging was our version of political Fight Club. This my friends, is my version of Project Mayhem... an answer to underground OSW operations. A reactionary, counter-revolutionary insurgency.

Help take America back... for real. You blog on your own time for free... time to do it for a cause ladies and gentlemen. The days of sending five buck checks to random candidates while you roll over to the establishment must come to an end. To effect real change you have to act. Actions speak louder than words.

I'm recruiting insurgents for a blog war... ready to be all you can be? This is not a joke, this is not a gimmick. This is for real. I'm recruiting "Assets," that I will activate. Ready to be a social media warrior in a social media insurgency targeting the RINO Republican establishment and one of Big Labor's chief lap dogs dealing a blow to the status quo?

1 week. Join the insurgency!

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

Guest From The Left: J. Marquis


The next time you hear a politician say we need to "drill baby drill" consider the fact that the price you pay at the pump seems to be disconnected from the amount of gas that's currently available.

(You can read J. Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

Swiped from Facebook

A FB acquaintance "liked" this, which enabled me to view it. And then I decided to 'borrow' it so I could share it with all of you (and ensure more people saw it since she obviously put a lot of time into it, right?):

Discuss amongst yourselves...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Down With Corporations!

Yesterday, as The Man and I strolled around downtown Philly trying to help stimulate the economy, we couldn't help but share a chuckle as we passed the Apple store. It was absolutely jam packed with people that looked as if they had just left OccupyPhilly.

How does Apple escapes the 'Big Business' or 'Giant Corporation' labels? I'm flummoxed.

Theories on Why People Vote Democrat...

This is from the blog That's Saul, Folks! in a post entitled, "Funny...I Vote Democrat Because..."

When your “friends” cannot explain why they vote for Democrats, give them this list. They can then pick their reasons from this “TOP 13″…

When I assess their situation, I find the most common is #13.

1. I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t.

2. I vote Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

3. I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

4. I vote Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

5. I vote Democrat because I believe that people who can’t tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Prius.

6. I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

7. I vote Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits.

8. I vote Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrats see fit.

9. I vote Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would never get their agendas past the voters.

10. I vote Democrat because I think that it’s better to pay billions to people who hate us, for their oil, but not drill our own because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

11. I vote Democrat because while we live in the greatest, most wonderful country in the world, I was promised “HOPE AND CHANGE”.

12. I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that the Government should control everyone’s health and tell everyone how to best run their own lives, based on their success with Social Security, the Post Office, the economy, controlling the border . . .

13. I vote Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my %#&, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have another point of view.

(H/T: FreeMom)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

And the Birth Control Debate Rages On...

"Not providing birth control pills doesn't "condemn" you to an unwanted pregnancy any more than not providing diet pills condemns you to being fat. Birth control is not an entitlement. Want to control when you become a parent? - control sexual desires. Want to control your weight? - control dietary desires. When did this become a difficult or extreme concept?"

~ R.J. McVeigh

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Country At A Glance...

San Francisco students practice how to put on condoms wearing goggles that simulate being drunk.

"At one table, health teacher Raina Meyers put goggles on students that made their vision slightly blurry, simulating a drunken state. She then told them to put a condom on a wooden penis.

Most of the students left air in the condom tip, which could lead to breakage, and that prompted an instructional rebuke from Meyers.

"You're pregnant!" Meyers told one girl who failed the drunk-goggle test, and to a boy, "You have gonorrhea.""

In Philadelphia, a man was killed because he dared ask his neighbor to clean up after his two dogs

"A 27-year-old man was arrested this morning and charged with shooting and killing a neighbor over dog droppings Tuesday afternoon in Tacony.

Police said Tyrirk Harris fired his 9mm pistol at least six times, killing Franklin Manuel Santana, 47.

Both men lived just doors apart on the 6500 block of Torresdale Avenue.

Neighbors said Harris allowed his Chihuahua and a German shepherd to defecate on lawns on the street and did not clean up after his pets."

Big Google has been watching...and tracking you.

"Google and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple's Web browser on their iPhones and computers—tracking the Web-browsing habits of people who intended for that kind of monitoring to be blocked.

The companies used special computer code that tricks Apple's Safari Web-browsing software into letting them monitor many users. Safari, the most widely used browser on mobile devices, is designed to block such tracking by default.

Google disabled its code after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal."

Soldiers Wear fake Breasts and Bellies to understand Pregnant PT.

"The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day class that teaches them to serve as fitness instructors for pregnant soldiers and new mothers.

Army enlisted leaders all over the world are being ordered to take the Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Exercise Leaders Course, or PPPT, according to U.S. Army Medical Activity Japan health promotion educator Jana York."

NC School Confiscated Student's Turkey Sandwich and Replaced it With Chicken Nuggets.

"A school lunch controversy in North Carolina is getting national attention.

A grandmother claims a state agent took away a homemade turkey sandwich, saying it wasn’t nutritious and didn’t meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. The girl’s meal was then replaced with fried food.

The grandmother of a 5-year-old pre-kindergarten student at West Hoke Elementary has asked to remain anonymous. She said a few weeks ago that a state agent inspected her granddaughter’s lunch and forced her to eat chicken nuggets from the school’s cafeteria.

The woman said the lunch consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread, potato chips, a banana and apple juice. The student also brought home a bill for the cost of the school lunch she had to eat instead.

“It is very healthy. She had her dairy, she had her protein and she had her grains,” the grandmother said.

School officials agreed the lunch was healthy, but said it was missing milk, which is considered a key part of a healthy meal under state guidelines."

Media Matters: In Business to Vilify the Right

"One memo from 2009 written to the founder and president [of Media Matters] reads quote, "Simply put, the progressive movement is in need of an enemy. George W. Bush is gone. We really don't have John McCain to kick around anymore. Filling the lack of leadership on the right, Fox News has emerged as the central enemy and antagonist of the Obama administration, our Congressional majorities and the progressive movement as a whole."

Now, the same memo also suggested that it would be a good idea to do opposition research on the people that work at this network. It reads, quote, "We should also hire a team of trackers to stake out private and public events with Fox News anchors, hosts, reporters, prominent contributors and senior network corporate staff."

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

If Someone Would Have Told Me in 1989...

...that Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine would be endorseing straight-laced, sweater-vested Rick Santorum for President of the United States, well, I would have been shocked.

But he has. Then again, what would I really expect from the author of the song, "Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?"

"Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says he hopes Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is our next president. Mustaine, who once covered the Democratic National Convention for MTV (back in 1992), told Music Radar he wants a Republican president and disagrees with music industry colleagues who say President Obama is doing a good job.

"I don't think so," said the veteran headbanger. "Not from what I see."

He has questions about Mitt Romney's extreme wealth, he said, and his interest in Newt Gingrich has waned. "He's just gone back to being that person that everybody said he was – that angry little man," Mustaine said. "I still like him, but I don't think I'd vote for him." (source)

Chuck Norris has endorsed Newt.

The Aisle runs through Hollywood:

Backing the GOP:

Stephen Baldwin | Pat Boone | Dean Cain | Russell Crowe | Jon Cryer
Clint Eastwood | Kelsey Grammer | Producer Craig Haffner | Vanilla Ice
Retired speed skater Dan Jansen | Author Dean Koontz | Barry Manilow
Dennis Miller | Chuck Norris | Wayne Newton | Nick Searcy | Gene Simmons
Gary Sinise | Doug Stanhope | Ben Stein | Janine Turner | Vince Vaughn
Jon Voight | Hank Williams Jr.

Backing Democrats:

George Clooney | Ari Emanuel | Will Ferrell | Jamie Foxx | Morgan Freeman
Lady Gaga | Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas | Tom Hanks
Scarlett Johansson | Rashida Jones | Jeffrey Katzenberg | Eva Longoria
Gwyneth Paltrow | Sarah Jessica Parker | Julia Roberts | Will Smith
Steven Spielberg | Harvey Weinstein | Oprah Winfrey | Anna Wintour

But, what I really want to know is who Tim Thomas is voting for... Thomas-Palin 2012!

And I leave you with the visual of Rick Santorum in the pit at a Megadeth concert... lol

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Obama: I Bought Another Ford.

Just because (it's been reported that) Ford pulled this ad after "pressure from the Obama administration" doesn't mean that the Obama administration can change the fact that most Americans didn't need the commercial to know that Ford didn't take the bailout.

According to a Rasmussen poll 1 in 5 Americans bought a Ford because they didn't take the bailout:

“Have You or Anyone in Family Bought Car from Ford Because Didn’t Take Government Bailout?”

19% said yes, including 33% of the people 18-29 — and 28% of black voters — and 32% of government workers. (source)

And yesterday I REJOINED those ranks. The Man and I bought our THIRD Ford.

Now, I have to be honest...the bailout wasn't the only factor that prompted my second Explorer purchase. But, it was in the top three. Also, I have become super reliant on the keyless entry and The Man can fix most anything that goes wrong with them. So now the front of our house has two Explorers and an F250. (Dear Ford: We're available for the next ad campaign) ;)

(And I am not a conspiracy theorist, so I am not implying anything when I tell you that all of those Ford commercials have been wiped from YouTube and the original articles that are referenced in the articles that I linked...and gone.) Hmmmmmm....

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest from the Right: Free0352

I Won The Lottery Once

As some of you readers know, I graduated from a Charter School. To get into it, you had to enter a lottery. Back in 1995 I won that lottery and was one of 12 students lucky enough to escape my inner city high school.

My old high school has a 75% drop out rate. It's rife with violence, gangs, drugs, you name it. Ever seen that movie "Lean On Me?" That was my high school. The teachers didn't give a fuck. If they bothered to show up, they didn't teach. They were mean, seemed to hate kids and the last thing on their minds was education. They were there to collect a check and get the summer off. All of them.

So I entered a lottery, and I won. I got accepted to a Charter School that was like a different world. Because I won that lottery, I do okay. I'm not dead, or in jail like all my friends are now.

So this article caught my eye today. I would also encourage you to watch films like "Cartel" and "Waiting For Superman."

Its time to admit the Teacher's Union is a big part of the problem, and the last thing they care about is kids- especially inner city kids- bettering themselves. Charter Schools and school of choice can fix about 80% of the problems out there.

But the Union is too powerful.

That's why breaking the Teacher's Unions is so important. I'm not all that anti-union believe it or not - but some unions are bad and some are horrible.

The Teacher's Unions are the worst of the worst. Time to go.

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

Guest from the Left: J. Marquis

The GOP's Bad Scrabble Hand

Thomas Friedman points out that the current version of the Republican Party isn't's radical. And that's making it impossible for anybody to make the changes necessary to really get our country back on track.

(You can read J. Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Annual Valentine's Day PSA

Yes, you do remember this post from last year...but I do feel it's worth repeating:

Fox News watchers have been inundated over the last few weeks with Vermont Teddy Bear ads. I am always so worried that men out there will buy (literally) into this ad. The surest way for The Man to have a bad Valentine outcome is to show up with a Vermont (or any other state) Teddy Bear.

We are not little girls. We are WOMEN. We are wives, mothers, lawyers, soldiers, teachers graphic designers and doctors. We don't want stuffed animals. And I don't know anyone over 10 years old that would want matching PJs with their teddy bear ($99 for that horror btw)?!

Jewelry, a gift certificate to the mall, cute PJs from Victoria's Secret...Name a star after me (it's a lot cheaper and way more romantic) or just a baby sitter so we can stroll around Center City together for a few hours. Even a card with a heart-felt note inside...all better (and most cheaper) options.

Anything but a Vermont Teddy Bear...that I won't know where to put and how to dust and what the appropriate amount of time before I can donate it is. :)

Some woman-approved V-day ideas (Shop Etsy!):

Pillow with your anniversary date

Personalized Jewelry with your anniversary

Wood heart necklace

Personalized love bird necklace

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Profile of an OWSer

Saw another one of the same girl that said, "Complains there are no jobs for college grads" at the top and, "Majored in 18th Century French Poetry" at the bottom... (Sorry to all my friends/siblings that fit that classification...) ;)

Feel free to add any...

Friday, February 10, 2012

First They Came

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak out because I was Protestant.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

-Pastor Martin Niemöller, (1892–1984) Dachau survivor

I haven't been able to get this out of my head the last few days... I am not Catholic and I, personally, would much rather pay for contraception than abortions and unwanted children...BUT, what will they come for next and who will be there to speak for me?

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

As Conservatives Americans we should speak up BEFORE it effects us personally. We should be outraged because it's WRONG and not just because it inconvenienced us or someone we know. Raise Autism awareness BEFORE you have a kid that has it. Respect freedom of religion BEFORE yours is threatened. Raise a fuss when someone is ripped off even if YOU didn't lose a dime.

Care, intervene and make a difference because it's the right thing to do...not just because it benefits you.

This is my wish for myself...I hope you'll join me.

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The REAL 2012 Primary Question

If one candidate doesn't possess both, what is the most important quality of the 2012 GOP nominee?
Strong Conservative Values
Perceived Electability in the General Election free polls 

Guest From the Right: Free0352


Dear Democrats,

You should be afraid when you piss off Catholics so bad, the leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, wrote a letter to be read at all Sunday Masses for U.S. military personnel around the world that said that a regulation issued by the Obama Administration under the new federal health care law was “a blow” to a freedom that U.S. troops have not only fought to defend but for which some have recently died in battle.

Right now, Catholic Soldiers who haven't been to Mass in years are so mad they are starting to go to Mass. I saw it over the weekend. All the Catholic Soldiers are talking about it. The Arch Bishop went on to say in his letter to the troops-

“We cannot—we will not—comply with this unjust law.”

Of course the Army is FREAKING OUT about this, and trying to shut the Arch Bishop up... but it ain't work'n folks.

Catholics in general are super pissed off... and there are 70 million of them living here in the good old U.S.A. Since every major Democrat contributor got an ObamaCare waiver I suggest you good little Dems write your reps and get them to issue a religious exemption for the Catholics. Otherwise, you might start a fucking civil war.

The Founding Fathers put the 1st Amendment into the Constitution specifically to prevent this sort of religious conflict which has destroyed so many European countries. Lets not go down that road shall we?


When you ask "How come Christian Conservatives always say there is anti Christian persecution from liberals?" this is one of your answers. There's your sign.

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

Guest from the Left: J. Marquis


I would say the current contraception discussion illustrates why we need a public option. It's patently ridiculous to keep our healthcare tied to our jobs and the whims of our employers.



It's surprising how low Republican voter turnouts have been in the primaries, especially considering how much they claim to hate the president.

(You can read J. Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Debate Amongst Veterans

One of my paying gigs immerses me in all things veterans, and believe it or not there is a debate brewing amongst them... (Aside from the bad feelings of past conflict veterans that all new services and bills being introduced are for those that served after 9/11)

Parade or no parade for the returning Iraq War Veterans?

Half the camp (including past participants of this site Army Girl & CBFTW) says no parade. That it would be disrespectful to those that are still in harm's way in Afghanistan. They believe the money that would be used for a parade should indeed be allotted for veterans and be used to provide much needed service.

The other camp, 'led' by the outspoken founder of IAVA Paul Rieckhoff, contend that the veterans returning from multiple deployments deserve at least the same amount of fanfare as recognition than men that recently won a football game.

"But the Defense Department, noting that American soldiers are still fighting in Afghanistan, says it is too soon for a celebration with the recognition and symbolism of a New York City parade.

Some of the country’s largest veterans’ groups seemed uncertain about a parade. A spokesman for the American Legion declined to comment. A spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars said at first that he understood the Pentagon’s position, but then went on to praise the organizers of the St. Louis parade and to say that, if Mr. Bloomberg decided to hold a parade now, the organization would support him." (source)

So, what do you think? Does honoring the veterans that have returned diminish the ones that are still fighting? Should we have a Operation Iraqi Freedom parade now and an Operation Enduring Freedom later...or wait until everyone is home?

My only concern is that in this world of ever-growing threats...will there ever be a time when everyone is home?

Run Rick, Run!

Rick Santorum wins Republican votes in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado: His victories are setbacks for Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney — and for Newt Gingrich's hopes of being the conservative alternative to Romney.

Wow. The power of the sweater vest! Rick's right, apparently Conservatism is alive and well in the Midwest. Nice one, Rick.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Romney's Nevada Win

Isn't the Romney folks touting a win in Nevada akin to the Pope boasting a win in the Vatican? Duh, it's Nevada...of course Romney won...

Speaking of Mormonism, I came across this fascinating article this morning...

"In the Mormonism of Mitt Romney, for instance, God the father was once a man and he lived on another planet. He went through birth, life and death on another planet and he was given the ability to create this world like his god [did].

So the first difference is that he had a god above him. We are talking about multiple gods.

The second difference that Christians would have with Mormonism is the definition of the word salvation. Mormons would say, when they use the word salvation, that means the ability to have your body resurrected. It really doesn't have to do with where you are going to spend eternity. To a Mormon, what is important is not salvation because they believe that that's the gift that's given to every person who lives on this earth, that they will have their bodies resurrected. But the thing that is important to them is exaltation and all Mormons work very very hard because this is not a free gift, salvation is.

Then exaltation is which kingdom of heaven you end up in and ultimately whether or not a Mormon can become a god or goddess. And I believed with all my heart when I was a Mormon that I was going to become a goddess and that my husband and I would create worlds like this one."

And he address MY major concern with Romney:

"The concern that many people have about someone who is a faithful Mormon becoming a high level leader, especially a powerful leader like the president of the United States, is if the Mormon church and the government of the United States had a disagreement, where would his loyalties lie?

That's not to say he's not a good man. I believe that he is a very good man. I believe that he's a man of integrity, in terms of his political feelings. But there is a difference between someone who has great integrity and someone who has divided loyalties in terms of authority."

Read the entire article: Ex-Mormon Speaks Out on Mormons Gaining Visibility, Mitt Romney

I want a hard-core Mormon that will address this. If the Mormon Hierarchy (the Prophet/BYU President) and the best direction for the country are at odds...who wins? Could Romney dismiss the advice/council of a man he believes is an actual prophet of God on earth if it conflicted with what was best for the country? No one will ever answer this question. They always point to the faiths of other Presidents, but other faiths don't believe in living, breathing, modern day prophets... Someone? Anyone?

Monday, February 06, 2012

Guest From the Right: Bill Eccles

...a follow-up of Friday's post...

Chances Are at Least Two Women Per Year May Die Because Planned Parenthood Will Get Komen Funds

I read an article (1) on which got me wondering, If SGK pulled PP’s funding, how many more women would die of breast cancer? The consequences, according to the Interwebs, would be dire.

However, the numbers indicate that SGK’s funding of PP’s clinical breast exams might be resulting in more cancer deaths than if SGK were funding mammograms directly.

Assume that PP used all of SGK’s money for breast cancer screenings and mammograms over the past five years. Also assume that PP got an average of $650,000 per year for those five years. (I cannot find actual figures.)

Now let’s do the math.

$650,000*5 = $3,250,000.

Mammograms funded by SGK through PP in those five years: 6,400. (1)

Total SGK funding used for mammograms (via pass-through grants to PP) at a high-end cost of $125 per mammogram (2): 6,400*$125 = $800,000

Remaining funds used for clinical breast exams (CBEs) at PP: $3,250,000-$800,000 = $2,450,000

Breast cancer screenings performed by PP in the past five years: 170,0001

Cost per CBE performed by PP: $2,450,000/170,000 = about $15.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) can’t find evidence that the CBE is effective. Only mammograms have been proven to be effective. (3) About CBE’s, PP says this:

Dr. Vanessa Cullins, a vice president with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, defended its use of clinical breast exams. The exam, in which a doctor feels the breast for lumps, is “a good tool” when followed with mammograms and other tests as needed, she said. (1) (emphasis added)

Clearly, funding of CBEs is diverting resources from more effective exams, but how many?

More math:

Amount of money spent on CBEs performed by PP: $2,450,000.

Number of mammograms which could have been performed with that money (at a higher-than-average cost of $125 per mammogram): $2,450,000/$125 = 19,600.

If the SGK money had been used for mammograms in the last five years:

Number of women per year, ages 39-49, whose lives might have been saved: 19,600/1,904/5 = 2. (4)

Number of women per year, ages 50-59, whose lives might have been saved: 19,600/1,339/5 = 3.

Number of women per year, ages 60-69, whose lives might have been saved: 19,600/377/5 = 10.

So if you were in the driver’s seat at SGK, which would you choose, an unproven use of your money, or an effective use which is proven to save lives? Would you choose to defund PP, too?

The Interwebs disagree with you.

One final note: Outside of these numbers, it’s entirely possible that the backlash against SGK could have cost SGK more funding than the funding lost (and subsequently made up) by PP. The effect of SGK’s loss is also calculable in human terms. But until SGK pulls funding from PP and we can see the cost to SGK’s fundraising, we won’t know that effect.
1 Surprises in Komen-Planned Parenthood dustup: How cancer screening is done and who pays for it,

2 How Much Does a Mammogram Cost?,

3 Screening for Breast Cancer, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

4 Screening for Breast Cancer An Update for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, Table 1, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

(You can read Bill daily at Bill's Words)

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Guest from the Right: Bill Eccles

On the SGK/PP Split

First, take a deep breath, then promise to stick with me to the end.

I am disappointed in the outrage which has been expressed by the Internet community at large on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure (SGK, for short) decision to withdraw its support for Planned Parenthood (PP). The outrage seems to be based on a misunderstanding of the facts. The only praise for the decision arises from conservatives who view it as a blow to abortion. But both sides of the debate are missing what could be (could be) a benefit to women’s health, the very cause at the center of the argument.

Two days ago, SGK followed its own relatively new policy of withdrawing funding for organizations which are under congressional investigation, which PP is. The policy, in and of itself, makes sense. There’s no reason why a private, non-profit organization can’t decide to withdraw funding from something which has been accused—rightly or wrongly—of misconduct. SGK has decided its in its best interests to withdraw support of organizations which might stink.

So, does PP stink? It doesn’t matter. SGK is following its own policies, as it should.

Was it politically motivated? SGK says “No.” Before you go dragging out words like “failed gubernatorial campaign,” remember that SGK supports cancer research, not the abortion and reproductive health businesses. So whether it’s politically motivated or not, it’s certainly in their right to drop funding for an organization which spent SGK’s money on services other than early cancer detection.

Is this a change in SGK’s core values? No. SGK’s mission statement reads as follows:

Promise: The Susan G. Komen for the Cure promise: to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality of care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

You’ll note that it does not say:

Promise: The Susan G. Komen for the Cure promise: to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality of care for all and energizing science to find the cures by funding Planned Parenthood.

So you can—and should—continue to support SGK if you wish to fund the continued fight against breast cancer.

And you should drop the outrage. Because I think there’s a potential benefit which is being overlooked—if SGK lives up to its promise of “ensuring quality of care for all,” that is.

PP has already said that the SGK funds are already well on their way towards being replaced—$400K or the $648K in less than 24 hours isn’t a bad fundraising record. They have also said that the services funded by that $648K will still be available, regardless.

So far, the PP patient population is covered. If SGK “ensur[es] quality of care for all,” then there’s a potential benefit—an upside!

If SGK lives up to its promise, it will put that $648K towards cancer prevention. That’s what you should be talking to SGK about. Not about defunding PP. Not about abortion. Not about political motivations. What you should be voicing is what to do with the money instead, insisting that it go where it should go: to the ground, where feet meet the street.

In the best-case scenario, SGK would arrange for vouchers for breast cancer screenings equivalent to what PP is providing to be distributed to clinics in the cities where the defunded PP offices are—preferably at clinics very near the PP offices. Put all $648K to work here. Since PP is already covering the people who would go to PP for help, that’s an awful lot of additional women who have access to care—and may be another segment of the population which would go to a clinic but wouldn’t set foot in a PP office.

In the “worst case,” SGK will dedicate the money to research or similar (not a bad thing, but not in keeping with the original mission of that $648K). In the worst case, nobody loses. In the best case, more women have access to breast cancer screenings.

Furthermore, if we assume that it was only some percentage of the SGK donation to PP which was going to breast cancer screenings in the first place, then SGK is actually focusing more on its core values. More of its money will be going towards breast cancer research or early detection and not to other PP services. (Again, the other PP services are not part of SGK’s core mission.) In the end, it’s a better use of SGK money, which you probably helped raise and wanted to see go towards fighting breast cancer in the first place.

So… if not now, then when should you be outraged?

— When SGK doesn’t restore funding to PP if/when PP is ever found not guilty of misconduct, provided SGK wants to use its funds in that manner.

— When SGK doesn’t put the funds into the hands of the people who need it most by funding screenings directly.

Then I’d expect to see this kind of outrage again.

But, until then, cool your jets. Please.

(You can read Bill daily at Bill's Words)

We Knew That Was Coming

Hybrids...all the hipsters have them.

But, in a moment of honesty a very liberal couple The Man and I were friends with admitted that their Saturn got much better mileage than their Prius. I know it was a painful thing for them to fess up to, but they weren't the last to make this confession.

SO this court case was only a matter of time:

"Commissioner Douglas Carnahan presided over a suit in small claims court [in California] by Heather Peters, who claimed her 2006 Honda hybrid never achieved the gas mileage Honda claimed in its advertising. The court ruled in her favor Feb. 1, 2012, awarding her just under $10,000.

"American Honda believes that the judgment in this case is a radical and unprecedented departure from California and federal law," the automaker said in a statement." (source)

Watch out Toyota...If the Hipsters are willing to publicly admit they were hornswoggled, I can only assume you're next.

The Evils of Sugar

"Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance that should be highly regulated with taxes, laws on where and to whom it can be advertised, and even age-restricted sales, says a team of UCSF scientists...they argue that increased global consumption of sugar is primarily responsible for a whole range of chronic diseases that are reaching epidemic levels around the world." (source)

The scientists then went on to lament that 'personal responsibility' wasn't going to cut it and we need the 'government to guide people to healthier choices' even if it takes 'brute force.'

They go on to call for "taxes on heavily sweetened foods and beverages, restricting advertising to children and teenagers, and removing sugar-ladened products from schools, or even from being sold near schools. They suggest banning the sale of sugary beverages to children."

Please, all those that claim they'll abstain from the election if this person or that person gets the nomination...RECONSIDER. Think of all the REGULATION that is in the pipeline. My new mantra: Even Obama-light is better than Obama. repeat that with me please...

H/T: Matt F.

(For the recipe above and other soon-to-be-outlawed deliciousness...join Pinterest!)

With Regret - Semper Fi

Our country's priorities have turned upside down.

Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story was all over the news because he is a substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious.

Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story was all over the news because she is a celebrity drug addict and thief.

Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian's stupid wedding [and short-lived marriage] was shoved down our throats, while........

Justin Allen 23
Brett Linley 29
Matthew Weikert 29
Justus Bartett 27
Dave Santos 21
Jesse Reed 26
Matthew Johnson 21
Zachary Fisher 24
Brandon King 23
Christopher Goeke 23
and Sheldon Tate 27

All Marines that gave their lives last summer for you. There is no media for them; not even a mention of their names.

(H/T: Jpck)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Obama's War on Catholicism.

"In 2010, there were 77.7 million American Catholics, 25 percent of the population. And Catholics are the big swing vote in the key political states." (source)

Though I personally don't subscribe to the 'every sperm is sacred' school of thought, I am as equally appalled by Obama's new birth control mandate as my friends that do.

I know the mantra is tired and old, but time after time it's only Christian beliefs that are acceptable to trample. It's frustrating.

"Aides say that Obama was motivated by personal conviction." (source)

Let's see, can we think of analogies our liberal friends can understand? Forcing Catholic institutions to give out/fund birth control is akin to forcing Mosques to hand out pulled pork or finance pig petting zoo. Since when does one person's personal convictions out weigh an entire populations religious beliefs/freedoms?!

It has been said that Obama somehow garnered 47-54% of the Catholic vote in 2008. I have to wonder whether any Catholics that voted for Obama (Who are you people?! He voted YES for partial birth abortion for Christ's sake) plan to do so again in 2012. The next objective for this Administration will be moves in the direction of requiring Catholic hospitals to provide abortions...

And if you were a 'Catholic for Obama' and that happens, I guess you just bypass Purgatory and go straight to hell at that point...?

(The only thing that has made this a bit more bearable is watching the libs writhe over Susan G. Komen's announcement that is it discontinuing grants to Planned Parenthood)

Valentine's Day is Coming!

About a year ago I decided that I needed to overcome my fear of css stylesheets and FTP servers to help a friend. She had gotten astronomical estimates to build an e-commerce store for her burgeoning jewelry business and asked if I could build it for her. Due to my lack of formal web design training and my (still) lingering fear of css, every successful code feels like a huge accomplishment. Though, what I am really proud of is the photography (about 95% of the photos on the site are mine...)

Yesterday I added a new coupon code option and to test it my friend is offering 30% of all sales on the site until midnight so we can see it in action.

So my code change experiment can be your chance to be a hit this Valentine's Day! When you're done shopping, enter GotWood for your 30% discount (and there's always FREE SIPPING).

Payton Woodcraft Jewelry Design

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Guest From The Right: Free0352

Food Stamp President

I enjoyed the frenzy Liberal Progressives went into when Obama was accused of being the "Food Stamp President." It fits so well. Predictably Progressives are blaming Bush which is their stock response when their policy predictably fails miserably like it constantly does.

Well bad news Libs, here are the numbers.

Food Stamp Party with a food stamp President. Boom.

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

Extreme Republicanism

The GOP presidential campaign has become a contest to see who can be viewed as the most black and white thinker.

Synergy and Success

Have you heard GM is once again the world's best-selling auto maker? Have you heard any Republicans admit they were wrong when they tried to keep the administration
from saving it?

(You can read J. Marquis daily at Major Conflict.)