Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's In An Endorsement?

Strange, I have never put any stock in endorsements or cared who came out for which candidate. Until this election. It's different this time because I was truly perplexed about which candidate I would push the button for should this Pennsylvania girl actually get a chance to have a say in who becomes the next leader of the free world. So, I began looking at the two camps (sorry Santorum) and asking myself who I trusted, who had less of a gain from the endorsement and who I would align myself most with of the endorsers...

The lists of endorsements are lengthy and plump with no-name senators and businessmen but here is a sample of some of the higher profile personalities that have throw their opinions in the ring:

If there were two banquet rooms side by side, and these were the guest lists, which room would you rather be in?

Right Wing News polled Conservative Bloggers ahead of today's primary in Florida and everyone won something: Newt won the candidate that Conservatives would vote for, Santorum won most Conservative and Mitt won most electable. Oh, and Mitt also won the candidate Conservatives would least like to see as the nominee. (See the results here)

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