Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama and the Middle Class

Since taking office, Obama has gone on and on about how he wants to protect the middle class and how Republicans want to obliterate the middle class. My tax returns refute this talking point with 100% certainty.

The only thing that has changed in our tax situation/deductions from Bush to Obama is we had a third child...theoretically, making our deductions greater.

Last night, as I was plugging away through Turbo Tax Deluxe, I couldn't believe it when it began to show that we were going to OWE. We have never owed.

This prompted a frantic look though the last 7 years of returns and on average we have a refund of $4000 - $6,000...until last year when we only got $2,600. A refund nonetheless.

And now we owe.

Same family, residence, deductions, job, etc. Unless The Man's job secretly changed our deduction status after all these years,, we owe with no apparent change in status.

We went from an $5K refund during the BUSH YEARS to a owing during the OBAMA years. If we were poor we could have gotten everything we paid back, and if we were rich we could have deducted a ton of stuff we had purchased... But, it doesn't get any more middle class than us: An HVAC foreman, his stay-at-home wife and their three kids...

So all the talking heads that claimed Republicans were liars to claim Obama was raising taxes on the middle class and just using election scare tactics...please come look through my returns and explain my tangible reality.

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