Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Hampshire Exit Polls

The New Hampshire exit polls' results are quite interesting (never in a million years would I ever thought I would be writing that...)

The first thing one has to ask... Are there no Black people in New Hampshire? 99% White and 1% Other?

Then, I think we have to acknowledge that whether Ron Paul is a foreign policy kook or not...he does garner the YOUNG vote the way the Democratic candidates do (46% of the 18-29 vote). I saw an interview with him the other day in which he was lamenting the fact that no Republican candidates past or present have ever approached him to ask how he does manage to do so well with the college crowd and I also have to wonder why.

Another interesting thing (to me anyway) is that Huntsman's numbers shot up among folks that have a post graduate degree. I didn't say I knew what that meant. only that I found it interesting.

People that made less than $30K went for Paul and those that make $200K or more for Romney.

38% of the RON PAUL voters had NEVER voted in a REPUBLICAN primary.

40% of the Huntsman's voters considered themselves Democrat and 25% of Ron Paul voters also considered themselves D's.

33% of Romney voters and 31% of Paul voters think of themselves as "somewhat liberal."

"On most political matters, so you consider yourself conservative/liberal?" And on this question, Romney got 38% of voters that consider themselves liberal on most political matters."

Even on "On fiscal issues such as taxes and spending," 34% that consider themselves "liberal" voted for Romney.

The two candidates getting the most votes from voters that OPPOSE the TEA PARTY movement? Huntsman (50%) and Romney (21%). More than Ron Paul's voters? Wow.

And then we see how efficient the MSM is... 65% of those voting for Mitt Romney did so because "they believe he has the best chance of beating Barack Obama." The idea that it will be the person MOST LIKE the one that you want to replace will be the best to defeat him befuddles me...

See the entire list here.

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