Thursday, January 05, 2012

Guest From the Right: Free0352

What if... Ron Paul won?

Certain Republican sources are claiming Democrats are infiltrating the Iowa Caucus to sabotage Republicans by voting for Ron Paul. If that is true, it may be working; as my above screen capture from Drudge Report shows.

My point is... what if this works? For real.

Hey, it happened before.

Think about this, after a slight bump Barack Obama's numbers continue to crumble.

Clearly Americans are fed up with Barack Obama. More importantly many of those Americans live in swing states. What if Paul's message resonates more than Democrats think it does?

Polls show Americans are tiring of war, something Paul has been against from the start. More importantly, Americans trust Government the least since the percentage was tracked. Clearly, Ron Paul is the most anti-government candidate running on either side. Perhaps in an Obama/Paul match up... hatred for this President will carry the day and -gulp- Ron Paul never happen could be elected?

Obama's numbers will bump up as he campaigns, and the all important economy for right now is on a post Christmas wave - electoral factors that help Obama. But Christmas is over and tax season is on it's way. The economy will start to tank out again over the Spring and Summer... and by October it will be positively awful; especially if problems in Europe get worse - which they likely will. No President since Truman has won with unemployment so high. People -even many Democrats- are disgusted with Obama. That is a fact.

Perhaps some Democrats believe getting Ron Paul the Republican nomination will help give Obama an easy opponent. But what if their plan works too well? What if it backfires? Clearly a Ron Paul Presidency is a Progressive's worst nightmare. Wouldn't it be ever so funny if this blows up in their faces, and the message of isolationism, protectionism, and microscopic government that Ron Paul preaches takes hold and he actually wins? Not just the Republican nomination, but the Presidency. I'm sure Democrat Progressives would be many magnitudes more horrified by the prospect than Conservative Republicans.

Funny, Ron Paul could have never won with the help of Republicans. All it could take however, are a few stupid Democrats. Wow. Does that mean Libertarians have our own Useful Idiots now?

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

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