Friday, January 20, 2012

Glenn Beck Joins Coulter & Drudge...

...on my s@#* list, that is.

When I read that Glenn Beck was saying that he would vote for Ron Paul as a third party candidate if Newt Gingrich ends up being the nominee...I was reminded of the last incredibly stupid thing he said (that I now feel like I forgot to blog about in the Holiday whirlwind....)

This is from back in December, but for anyone that might have missed it:

Glenn Beck on Judge Napolitano's show:

"I issued a challenge to the Tea Party members. The challenge is this: You read [Newt's] record, you read his words. Not just the happy parts like you read about Theodore Roosevelt. Look into his record. See what he believes. This man is a progressive. He knows he’s a progressive. He doesn’t have a problem with being a progressive.

So if you’ve got a big government progressive [in Newt] or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this Tea Party. Is it about Obama’s race, because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him [Obama] but you’re for this guy [Newt], it must be about race. I mean, what else is it about Judge?

It’s the policies that matter, it’s the policies that matter." (The Right Scoop)


I have been 100% against Mitt Romney since the last election cycle (why do the losers always run again? YOU LOST, sit down), and I don't get NASTY with fellow Conservatives that are for him now. I privately question their 'Conservativeness' but I'm not out there Tweeting snarkyness and calling my friends racist.

These Right Wing personalities have become as toxic as the left this time around. What's different? Why so contentious this time?

Is it because at the end of the day NO ONE is happy with any of the choices and the disappointment is getting to people?

I was hoping Perry would rebound.

In my opinion Santorum can't win. That's not saying his positions aren't attractive. He's just not dynamic enough.

I could NEVER vote for someone with Paul's foreign policy delusions.

I can't vote for Mitt.

That leaves Newt. Who apparently holds a 6 pt. lead in South Carolina.

But if you disagree with my conclusion, I won't Tweet nasty stuff about you or call you names...

P.S. Is it just me that gets this vibe, or is Brian Ross kinda creepy...?

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