Monday, January 30, 2012

The (Actual) State of the Union at a Glance

¿No Hablo Inglés? No problem! Run for City Council.

  • A would-be candidate in Arizona requests a spot on the ballot even though she doesn't know how to speak English?(source).

  • Occupy Oakland Destroys the City and Then Cry That The Police Were Mean to Them

  • More than 400 people at Occupy Oakland were arrested on charges ranging from failure to disperse to vandalism. "Mayor Jean Quan personally inspected damage caused by dozens of people who broke into City Hall. She said she wants a court order to keep Occupy protesters who have been arrested several times out of Oakland, which has been hit repeatedly by demonstrations that have cost the financially troubled city about $5 million." (source)

  • Ocuppy Wall Street squatters in NYC finally moved out of a home (owned by a struggling single father) that they had taken over and done tons of damage to (including knocking down walls). source)

  • OWS Squatters Take Over a Single Father's Home

  • "California bill seeks to limit detention of arrestees facing deportation
    Legislation would counter Secure Communities program by limiting local law enforcement's role in holding people for immigration authorities." (source)

  • 49 Year Prayers Removed From School Wall at Sophomore Atheist's Bidding

  • Recently in Rhode Island, a 16 year old Atheist teen forced her school to remove prayer from wall of her school auditorium that had hung there for 49 years. “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ Whined Jessica Ahlquist to a NYT reporter. (source)


  • "It started as schoolyard roughhousing during recess, with one boy’s hand allegedly touching the upper thigh, or perhaps the groin, of another. There were no reported witnesses, and it remains unclear if anyone complained, but the principal immediately suspended the student, placing the incident on the boy’s record as a case of “sexual assault.” The children involved were first graders — the purported assailant just 6." (source)

  • Taxpayers Must pay for Occupy D.C.

  • "America's taxpayers, already on the hook for watching over the Occupy movement's three-month seizure of Washington's downtown McPherson Square, are getting stuck with another bill to cover the police protection and port-a-potty rentals at today's Capitol protest." (source)
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