Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 GOP Primary Schedule

A point of annoyance every 4 years: The primary schedule.

Here in Pennsylvania, we don't get to have a say until APRIL 24th. 35 states go before us. Even the Virgin Islands have a say before we do... I think it should go in order of the highest amount of taxes paid --then I imagine PA would be right up there at the top. Haven't past choices warranted the changing of the current schedule? Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have already proved that they have no skill in choosing the candidate...need we bring up Dole and McCain...?

I guess that's why I haven't felt any pressure to make my choice. I don't really have any say.

Seriously though, the idea of tax priority aside, why wouldn't all the primaries be held on ONE DAY just like an election. Wouldn't this give us a real idea of who the people wanted?

Here's the 2012 GOP Primary Schedule

Case in point- even with all the "we should have let Hitler kill all the Jews because it wasn't our business" talk from Ron Paul...he's still an Iowa front runner. What is wrong with these people? Ron Paul makes Obama look like a hawk and he's a front runner?! I'm so very confused...

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