Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What's Fair About Obama's "Fair Share?"

"President Barack Obama said on Saturday that Americans need to be ready to "pay their fair share" to narrow the deficit, previewing his proposals to Congress that are expected to include more taxes on the rich." (source)

Wasn't this entire speech an oxymoron? The President it arguing that everyone do and pay their FAIR SHARE by proposing a tax increase on "the rich" while 40% of Americans don't pay taxes? I'm perplexed here. When are the Occupiers going to do their FAIR SHARE? When are the 40% of Americans that pay NO TAXES going to do their FAIR SHARE? Why doesn't someone ask Obama this?

How about, if you get welfare and pay no owe public service time? Picking up trash, leaves, painting, etc. If you want everyone to do their fair share --put your voting block where your mouth is Mr. President...

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