Friday, December 09, 2011

Sad Sign of the Times

This time of year it's pretty easy to come up with examples of the war on Faith in this country (i.e. Now teachers can't even have Poinsettias in the classroom?!)

But lately I have been thinking a lot about how absolutely despicable the blatant hatred for Tim Tebow is.

I am no football fan and I have avoided posting about this because I don't really know anything about what Tebow does that is so different from other quarterbacks. I do know that 'his style' is the reason many NFL commentators CLAIM they dislike him...Does he always run the ball instead of throwing it, or something like that...?

Anyway, even one of my NHL guys, Paul Bissonnette (@biznasty2point0), joined in and tweeted that he wondered when "Tebow would be coming out with his own KoolAid --oops I mean Gatorade." Biz, I think he's had enough HaterAid without you hockey boys chirping in.

So, we'll readily forgive Michael Vick for mutilating dogs, we'll forgive Tiger Woods from serial cheating, we'll forgive Lawrence Taylor for having sex with an underage prostitute...but God forbid we have a football player out there that loves God. What a friggin' disgrace to the game!

Headlines no longer even try to hide the reason for the ire:

"The quarterback for the Denver Broncos has become a polarizing figure in football, in part because of his outward displays of Christian faith." (WashPo)

So, here's someone that they haven't even even been able to catch jaywalking --someone you could comfortably let your kids idolize --and the media and experts loathe him.

You'd think, since all the 'experts' said his style could never make it in the NFL...and he keeps on WINNING...that they might try a little prayer themselves.

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