Friday, December 09, 2011

Romney's New "Leader" Ad

This could have been a pretty potent ad before the LAST election, BUT...we have a President that is a good husband and father. Faithful to his wife for all that we know for the past 19 years --and look at the state the country is in.

And, given that the divorce rate in America is exceeding 50% --this ad might offend more than it enlightens...

Though I have stated that I would vote for Newt over Mitt, I am NOT one of those people that normally says, "who cares if someone cheats...that's their personal life" because, in my mind, it speaks to character. I used to get hung up on the 'he left his first wife while she was dying of cancer,' but once I read more I found out that Newt's daughter from that marriage says her mother asked Newt for a divorce before she ever went in to the hospital.

Also, being 100% honest, I guess I believe the Chris Rock statement about most men only being as faithful as their options --and these guys have a lot more options than your average Joe. So, am I softening to infidelity or just finally being realistic --or do I just dislike Mitt that much?

Though, on the other hand, if cheating excluded you from presidential politics I guess the next CIC would HAVE to be a woman! ;)

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