Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gut Check: Will Obama be ReElected?

"A new Gallup analysis of President Barack Obama’s approval rating released on Tuesday concludes that Obama’s approval level is now well below where it probably needs to be next year for him to win reelection.

Gallup noted that with the exception of Harry Truman, all incumbent presidents who successfully sought reelection in the post-World War II era had approval ratings that averaged 50 percent or higher in the year in which they ran.

“Obama's initial 2011 approval ratings, averaging 49% in January, were just at the threshold that Gallup historical trends suggest are needed for a president seeking re-election to succeed,” said Gallup’s analysis." (source)

That being noted, many people I have spoken with in recent weeks believe that Obama's reelection is a given. Perhaps soured by the media pass given to Obama during the first go-round or the maybe the inability of GOPers to rally behind a single candidate...or maybe just a general defeatist attitude that this economy and state of the world is fostering?

However, I don't share in their pessimism. I'm not in love with Mitt OR Newt as a candidate for 2012, but I think either of them could beat Obama. I am resigned to give up my hopes of an honorable and faithful CIC and have to settle for a smart, financially savvy one...until 2016 when hopefully we have our first, strong, Conservative WOMAN!!!!

Dana Perino 2016?

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