Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get the Facts on Unions....

I'm wondering if this commercial is running somewhere other than FNC? I hope it is.

I have shocked many a union member with news that their dues are given to political candidates. Obviously not the big union guys with the Union and Proud bumper stickers...but the little guys...the laborers and apprentices...the ones that are first laid off and sitting in the union halls or forced to stand with the inflatable rat. Many of them have no idea that their dollars funded Obama's election and are current;y being pumped into his reelection.

They are also shocked to meet The Man and find out he makes a lot more than anyone on their jobs, has better benefits and doesn't go through seasonal layoffs... They have been told that independent shops underpay and have no work -WRONG.

It's good to see websites like The Center for Union Facts start to expose that Union Bosses are only out for Union Bosses, and expose some of the frivolous things happening with members' dues...

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