Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time for the Occupation to Surrender

Occupy Wall Street "Day of Action" hurts the 99 percent (and that from the MSM)

It was mildly amusing at first, then good news and blog fodder...but then the stench, the defecation sensation and rape safe house tents made it just creepy. Now it feels just downright dangerous. A simmering mob mentality that's blaming all their woes on some paper tiger.

A MINIMUM of $7 million dollars on police overtime. How much money now on paying the sanitation department overtime to clean the park --and get this, they can't even through away all the toxic waste. They need to put bowls, bongs and nasty sleeping bags into storage so the owners can retrieve them. How much is that tab?

Whenever someone touts 'free speech' in reference to this 'movement,' I always think of being little and being told to "see with my eyes and not my hands." They need to speak with their mouths and not their bodies.

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