Monday, November 07, 2011

Question for the OWS Defenders

Last week, a few of our Lefty brethren ventured over here to say that they felt that not only my coverage, but the media's coverage of Occupy Wall Street was slanted and a misrepresentation of the movement as a whole. That the riot gear pics, the public defecating and the violence in general has been blown up to paint an unfair portrait of the sweet yet disgruntled OWS protesters.

I have not been to an Occupation. My sister walks by Occupy Philadelphia on her way to work each day and swears the talk of the horrid smell is not just for comic value. I have been to two Tea Party rallies though (permits were obtained for both) and I can promise you I saw NOTHING untoward. NOTHING. Not even an iffy sign. Not a graffitied port-a-potty or a racey chant. Certainly no "safe tent" had to be erected to protect women and no Tea party security force need to form to protect attendees...

So, given the accounts from police and reporters and the denial of Lefty Jones, et question is...

Would YOU (liberal that claims OWS is getting unfair coverage) take your wife and children to any of the occupations (but most specifically Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland)?

Before you answer, you might want to READ THIS: Post reporter spends an in‘tents’ night amid anarchy in Zuccotti Park

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